5 Essentials Your Small Space Should Never Be Without

Living in a small space doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.  It really doesn’t.

5 Essentials Your Small Space Should Never Be Without - Now it’s true that you need to think outside of the box in order to make the best out of living in a small space and one of the the things that are a must is using key essentials for your small space (yes deal breakers).  Click here for the interior design tips.You can start looking at your small space through a different lens.  It’s all about your perspective on things.

You’re probably feeling crammed or suffocated in your space, but instead of focusing on the physical space, flip it and think of your small space as a way to connect with yourself more.   To become closer to yourself.  To spend time with yourself…alone. 

Hmmmm.  Interesting right?

While you’re connecting more with yourself, let’s talk about ways to make your space more tolerable aka essentials your small space should never be without.  These are all things that are going to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your small room because it will help it to feel more spacious.

Essentials Your Small Space Should Never Be Without: Floating Shelves

Use them in your bedroom in the place of a nightstand, or in your kitchen or bathroom for extra storage, whichever you choose, they’re perfect for keeping things off the floor. 

Floating shelves or shelves period allow you to use up your walls for storage because when it comes to small spaces, you have to make use of your walls in order to make your space seem more breathable.

Essentials Your Small Space Should Never Be Without:  Pouf or Ottoman

What I love about the pouf or an ottoman is that they’re so versatile and they don’t take up a lot of space.

They can be used as seating for a night of watching movies and pigging out or add a tray or lamp and now you have a side table or use it to rest your feet. 

Again, so versatile.

Essentials Your Small Space Should Never Be Without: Mirror

As you already know, if you’ve been with me for awhile, mirrors make rooms feel bigger because they reflect light into your room so make sure you have one in your small room.  Plus, mirrors add the illusion of extra space instantly.

You can have fun with mirrors too.  Group a bunch of small mirrors together, use one large mirror (hang it horizontally or vertically).  Again, use your walls!  

Essentials Your Small Space Should Never Be Without: Storage

Want to feel like shit every day?  Then don’t contain your clutter.

Where there’s clutter, there’s a deeper issue going on.  You guys know that there is a direct correlation between the way your room looks and your mental state. 

Yeah, I said it. 

I’ve shared this before.  I use my home to give me hints to how I’m feeling.  Whenever I’ve let the clutter pile up and for me that’s not putting away the clean laundry and letting the mail pile up.  

Whenever I see any of these get out of control, I know that my energy is low, I’m in a funk and my vibes are just way low.  

That’s where baskets come in and what I love about them is that they can be used in so many ways and they come in different styles.

Place one by your door to catch shoes or mail.  Place them on a shelf to hold documents or to store just about anything.  My point is to use them.  Use them so that you can open up the space in your home by getting rid of the clutter.

Essentials Your Small Space Should Never Be Without: Lighting

Nothing is worse than a small dark room. 

No wait, there is something worse.  Living in a small dark room.  Now that shit is depressing! 

So why are you doing it to yourself?! 

Get some lighting for your small room.  Essentially, a room should have at least 3 types of lighting (depending on the size).  I talk more about lighting over here.

There you have it!

Use one of these essentials in your small room and I promise you that your room will feel bigger in an instant.

If you’re still feeling stuck with decorating your space & need one on one help, then hit me up here.