Learn How To Spice Up Your Room With Animal Print Decorating Ideas

Wanna make your room pop?  Try animal prints!

Now give me a chance to explain here….I know some of you might be opposed to it.  You’re probably having memories of tacky florescent furniture, but before you barf let me get my point out.

Animal prints, when done right, can make you feel a certain type of way when you walk into a room:

sexy, luxurious, spicy, or even sophisticated

But when done wrong, your room can turn into a hot mess fast.

What do I mean by a hot mess?

Well…your room could end up looking like Snooki and J Wow’s room on the set of their reality show(yuck!) if you don’t tame yourself..  Nothing against the girls, but someone should really be fired for decorating this room.  For real!

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To avoid a huge disaster like this, take it easy and add splashes of animal prints in your room so that it’s not overkill.  Not sure how to accessorize your room the right way?  I got you covered!  click on over here for some easy tips.

Keep on reading for some animal print decorating ideas to help you so that you don’t go animal print crazy.

There’s no decorating rule out there that says all animal prints have to be strong dark colors like black and browns.  Nowadays, you can find animal prints in nice soft pastel shades to go with any decorating style.


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There’s something about the texture of animal prints that are just super cozy.  Bring that coziness into your bedroom with a bedspread.  It adds softens and a luxe feel for a heavenly sleep.  You’ll be sure to get some good ol’ shut eye with this bedspread.

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via Domino

Get your books to match your decor with some pretty book covers.  You can buy bookcovers in a nice animal print or get wrapping paper or scrapbook paper for a nice sleek look.


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There’s just something about an animal print rug that just adds a bit of sexy to a room.  I also love how universal it can be.  This rug would totally work in a man or woman’s room.

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Curl up to a good book or catch up on your couch potato time with a soft throw.  It adds a nice sophisticated yet soft look to a room.

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Cover a large piece of furniture with an animal print to make a statement in your room.  Make it the center of attention by keeping everything else in the room low key.

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One of the cheapest ways to add animal prints to your room hands down!  They come in different patterns and you can switch them up easily so why not?

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Here are a few affordable animal print home decor items that I sourced for you.  Check them out, you’ll see that it doesn’t have to cost much to decorate with style.

Spice Up Your Room with Animal Print Decorating Ideas -mood board


Cow Hide Print Pillow //  Zebra Print Wallpaper //  Cowhide Rug //  Zebra Print Ottoman //  Zebra Print Pillow // Cheetah Print Blanket // Faux Fur Throw

I hope these tips on how to spice up your room with animal prints were helpful so that you can go out there and get your decorating on, but if for some reason, you’re still not feeling confident to go at it by yourself, hop on over and check out Room Restyle.  It’s a virtual decorating service perfect for you if you are loving your furniture, but you are wanting to upgrade your room with new accessories perfect for your style, personality and budget.

Live Happy!


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