Create a Photo Wall: 5 Easy Layout Ideas To Get You Started


Is creating a photo wall on your to do list for decorating your room?

But, there’s one thing stopping your from crossing it off of your to do list. You’re clueless about how to lay out your picture frames so that they look fantastic.

Well I got your back!

These easy photo wall layout ideas will get your started on your way to looking like a decorating diva.

Let’s get started!

Think Rows

You can work with just one row or many depending on the size of the wall you are working with. The trick is to have a good size horizontal line (imaginary of course) separating your pics.

photo wall

Within The Shape

You can get creative here.  So put your thinking cap on and think of how you are going to make this wall of yours pop.  Will you layout your pictures within a circle, square, rectangle or your favorite shape.? Think about it for awhile, but while I leave you to ponder a bit, peek below for some inspiration.  No worries here, I won’t tell that you snuck in a peek! 🙂

photo wall

photo wall

Maybe One Row Is Enough

Maybe you like the simple and less cluttered look?  Try just lining up one row of same sized frames and going the simplistic route.  Hey, it’s your home.  Decorate it for your liking and not Mary Jane next door!

photo wall

Columns Are Your Thang

Maybe you have a narrow wall that you want to highlight in your room.  The best way to draw attention to it, is to hang some pics from floor to ceiling.  You can hang some frames vertically and others horizontally or maybe you want to hang them from smallest to largest.  Your choice. Another tip, while I’m feeling super generous: this trick will also make your room feel taller.  And who doesn’t want to add some inches to that 8 foot ceiling?

photo wall


Let Your Wall Guide You

Don’t drive yourself nuts! Sometimes the answer is staring at you dead in the face.  What am I talking about?  Think about it.  What if you have a wall by your staircase, then work with what you have.  Line those suckers up along your wall and you watch that wall of yours become a masterpiece.

photo wall

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You might be thinking.  Okay, I know which layout I’m going to try, but how the hell am I suppose to get these frames up on the wall to look all nice and jazzy?  Head on over to see how I created my photo gallery for my dinning room.

Your turn to share!

I want to know which layout will you be using to dress up your wall.  Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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