DIY Fabric Headboard How To


In my quest to redo my daughter, Sereena’s bedroom and stay within my itty bitty budget, I decided to try my hands at a DIY fabric headboard for her full size bed.

Keep on scrolling to see the easy steps for making a DIY headboard for yourself.

DIY Fabric Headboard

Originally, I was going to try to follow this tutorial or this one from one of my fave blogs, Centsational Girl, but then I thought to myself, …”these headboards are gorgeous, but you are just not going to ever get around to jigsawing some plywood”.

So I decided to put on my thinking cap and come up with an alternative solution to my headboard dilemma. During my thinking session, the clouds parted and the sun popped out along with a light bulb of an idea! “use foam boards ditsy!!” came to mind! (It was staring at me in the face all this time! Duhh).

I must admit that initially I struggled with trying to figure out how the foam boards would stand up to wear and tear, but then I decided to just try it out since Sereena is 17 yrs old and can now take care of her stuff. They also only cost $1.50 per board and I bought 6 for my project, but only ended up using 4. I figured, if my idea doesn’t work, then I’m only out $9 buckaroos…so ahead I went with my DIY plan.


I don’t have a pic of the fiberfill that I used or I should more accurately say planned on using (that was until I checked my stash and discovered that Robert, my hubby used it all up without telling me). Let’s just say that there was A LOT of bleeping going on when I made my discovery.  What is a girl to do? Improvise!  And so I cut open some extra throw pillows that I bought at Ikea months ago to make some more envelope pillow covers.

Measure It Up

When measuring the width of her full size bed, I added 2 inches to each side of her bed for a total of 58”, then measured the height that I felt would look best…I went with 42”. Then I configured my foam boards to best fit my measurements.

Make It Pretty

For a nice feminine and romantic look, I cut out some curves, but first, I hand sketched a design with a pencil (perfect for erasing any mistakes..and I had many…trruuusssttt meee!). Then I went a cutting with my fabric rotary cutter and cutting mat….viola! perfect cuts (You can also use scissors, but Lord knows that I cannot cut a straight line let alone a curve so I grabbed for my sewing materials and used my magic cutting tools)


It’s best to use your newly cut foam board as a template for your second foam board so that they aren’t any discrepancies.


I’m sure that there might be easier ways of making this headboard, but I was creating as I went along…no pre-planning here. If you have any easier steps or supplies that might be simpler, please share.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Next I taped my four foam boards together for easier handling.


Add Some Fluff

Then I cut open my Ikea pillows (I used 2 for this project) and spread the stuffing out evenly across my headboard.


Nip It Real Good

Next, I used some leftover fabric that I have stashed away and used my hot glue to seal in the pillow stuffing in place (this will be a lifesaver when adding your headboard fabric-no flying stuffing pieces to worry about).


Add Your Fabric

Then I laid my headboard fabric on the floor (pretty side of the fabric touching the floor)


then I laid my foam headboard on top (fluffy side touching ugly side of fabric).


I began to hot glue my fabric onto the foam headboard (while tugging the fabric for a nice crisp and even look).


When I got to the top of the headboard, where I cut out my curves, I snipped my fabric a bit closer to the headboard for easier maneuvering and gluing.  Don’t worry about it looking pretty since no one will see the back of your headboard.  (Take a look at how mine came out below…fugly I know, but wait til you see the finished product.)


Once I was all done hot gluing my fabric onto the headboard, I flipped it over and viola..the beginnings of my fabric headboard were born, but wait, I wasn’t finished.

Add Some Detail

I still had to add on the nailheads for a more polished look. I decided to also hot glue them onto my headboard for a sturdier feel and crispier appearance instead of just pinching them on.

Mount It

To hang your new headboard, simply place your velcro on the back of your headboard.  TIP TIME… Rub the wall area down with some alcohol so that the velcro will hold up nicely and won’t end up on your face in the morning.  Now that that’s out of the way, onto mounting your headboard…

It’s best if you get an extra pair of hands to help you (it will eliminate the bleeps that will come if you go at it alone, but if you’re feeling like having a breakdown moment then move on without the extra pair of hands…don’t say I didn’t warn you…how do I know bc I had a breakdown moment!).  Have your friend use the level to make sure that you don’t end up with a crooked headboard, while you adhere the headboard to your wall.

Drum Roll Please!

DIY Fabric Headboard

I’m really satisfied with the finished look and Sereena loved it too!  Happy baby, happy mom! (Although she is 17, I still call her my baby and probably always will).

Now you are done!  Go ahead and get your dance on or have a nice cocktail!

Total Cost = $20

Your turn! 

What do you think about my DIY Fabric Headboard? Leave a comment below. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.