How P!nk Can Inspire You When Decorating Your Room

P!nk. Now that’s a girl that I love. Maybe because in my own little head, I feel like I know her, like we relate in so many ways. Maybe it’s because she’s a rebel, a mother, just a bad ass, that makes me love her so much.

She doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about her and is never scared to speak her mind (curses and all). Gotta love that right?  Well I adore it.

Even if you don’t share my feelings about P!nk, she can sure can teach you a thing about decorating your room.

Now she’s no Interior Designer, not even an Interior Decorator, but she does know one thing that works like a charm and that’s…

Just Be You!

how pink can inspire you when decorating your room

In Other Words Show Off Your Inner Bad Ass Throughout Your Room

Isn’t it your room after all?

Well then, why should you care about what everyone else has to say about it? You’re going to live in it, not anyone else.

What do I mean you might be thinking?

Well, for example if you love grandma lace curtains, then go for it.  In my opinion, they’re fugly, but if you adore them, then keep ‘em, why should you care what I or anyone else thinks. If it brings a smile to your face then go for it even if your room will look like a big 80’s wedding dress. (lol) Just teasing!

No, but really. Stop trying to please everyone and start picking things for your room that bring YOU joy and make YOUR heart sing.  Who cares about trends and what everyone else is doing!

Now do you remember when P!nk first burst onto the pop scene back in the 2000s along with Britney and Christina? In those days (not that it was too far back), Britney and Christina were the princesses of pop and they were great.  I still love jamming to “I’m a Slave For You” and “Genie In a Bottle”, but we must admit that there wasn’t much of a difference between them. Yeah, Christina has that voice, but the look was the same: blonde, cute and sexy.  Then there was P!nk with her short pink hair, tattoos and all. From the start, P!nk stood out. She was a rebel, some might even called her a bitch, but I thought she was the shit and still think the same.

P!nk knew something early on that has kept her relevant throughout the years and that’s: Be Yourself! Fuck everyone’s opinions and do what makes you happy!

So with all that said, this is my advice to you.

You like Big Bird yellow for your bedroom walls?, then take your buns over to the paint store and buy that bright yellow paint, what are you waiting for? It might not be what everyone else likes, but it’s what you like, so go for it!

The key to having a room that you love is to make sure that your style and personality are splashed all throughout your room.  It should scream and shout YOU!  If your room doesn’t do that for you, then it’s time to redecorate.

Need some help with that?  Then hit me up so we can work together!

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