How To Decorate a Nightstand: 6 Easy Tips To Get You Started


Your nightstand is probably the one thing in your bedroom that is lacking some real spunk.  It just has the basics like a lamp, but it needs something more.  It really does!

It’s screaming for some TLC, but you’re just not sure what to add to it to make it oh so pretty and right now it’s just plain and boring.

But you are far from plain and boring missy, which means that we’ve got some changes to make pronto!

So lucky for you I come armed with a bunch of tips on how to decorate a nightstand to take it from boring to stunning!

Take a read and let’s get to transforming that nightstand of yours…

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How To Decorate a Nightstand: Alarm Clock

This is a must if you want to get up on time or just hit the snooze button like I do many times.  I say keep it close to you so that you can reach it when it goes off and scares the hell out of you.

How To Decorate a Nightstand: Candle or Trinket

Try a nice scented candle to unwind from a busy day or show off your personality with a trinket that fits with your decor.  Trinkets are the bomb for adding a splash of your personality into any space so try something funky or chic.  The point here is to pick something that screams you!  Whichever you choose, place it on top of your book for a styled look.

How To Decorate a Nightstand: Books

Get lost in a good book and when you’re done use it to decorate your nightstand.  Keep the things that you love close to you so why not add a book to your nightstand?  

How To Decorate a Nightstand: Tray

Perfect for housing your jewelry and keeping things on your on your nightstand all nice and organized.

How To Decorate a Nightstand: Flowers

Treat yourself to some beautiful flowers.  They’re the perfect treat after a long day at work or dealing with the kids.  

How To Decorate a Nightstand: Pic Frame

Keep your favorite picture close by and in a pretty frame.  This adds a personal touch to your nightstand so that it doesn’t look like some sort of a prop in a movie set.

Bonus Tip:

Please don’t overdue it with the decorating.  Less is always more!  You want the pieces that you select to have a purpose so please don’t go and clutter up your pretty little nightstand.  That would be a big no no!

Now Over To You!

I’m hoping that I’ve inspired you with some tips and ended your nightstand decorating dilemma, but if you’re still feeling like you’re stuck on stupid when it comes to this decorating stuff, then hit me up and let’s chat!

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