How To Style a Coffee Table: 5 Ideas To Help Inspire You

Does your coffee table need some serious dolling up and your remote control just isn’t cutting it?

Let me guess, your coffee table has been looking a bit blah lately, but you’re not sure what to put on it to make it look pretty right?

Well let me hook you up with 5 ideas for how to style a coffee table (because I’m just crazy cool like that!)  

Let’s get to it then…

How To Style a Coffee Table: Add Some Green

I’m not talking about mullah green.  Nope, I’m talking about some pretty and soft flowers for your coffee table.  They’ll be sure to add some freshness to your room.

how to style a coffee table - flowers

via Domino


How To Style a Coffee Table: Use a Tray

Trays are perfect for adding a spark of color or a bit of texture and best of all it helps when trying to move things around; just lift and move!  Easy right?  You can team them up with flowers, books or a cute little trinket.


via Elle Decor


How To Style a Coffee Table: Add a Trinket

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple and a nice trinket can do just that.  While you’re at it, why not pick something that radiates your personality for a nice touch?

how to style a coffee table - YHL trinket

via YHL


How To Style a Coffee Table: Add Some Candles

You can’t go wrong with some candles.  They’ll add some warmth to your room and let’s not forget about some soft lighting (nice for a romantic night) wink, wink.

how to style a coffee table - HGTV candles

via HGTV


How To Style a Coffee Table: Books

They’re not just for your bookcase.  Find a new home for some of your favorite books by placing them on your coffee table.  They’ll be close by and easy to reach for when you get in the mood to catch up on some reading.

how to style a coffee table - books

via HGTV


There you have it!

I hope that I’ve inspired you with some ideas for how to style a coffee table.  No more excuses for not kicking that coffee table up a notch and make it an eye stopper for your room.

Now go on and kick some design ass!  I’ll be cheering you on from the side lines-more like from my laptop! 🙂

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