How To Use Yarn To Decorate Your Room (With a Modern Twist)

I have a bit of a confession that I need to come clean about.  You ready?

I’m addicted to crocheting.

It’s the reason why I’ve been MIA for a bit.

The holiday season gets a bit slow in the interior design field (you know everyone is out spending their cash on gifts), so it’s my time of the year for getting my crocheting on.  I spend much of my spare time making gifts for family and friends and also fulfilling orders for my Etsy shop.

I use to crochet about 20 years ago.  I still remember my first project; a baby blanket for my oldest (she still has it).  A while back, I got into it again.  It was like riding a bike; a bit rusty at first, but know, let’s just say I’m not too shabby.

Let me tell you that crocheting is awesome.  It’s relaxing, it calms my mind (which is a huge PLUS bc my mind is forever racing).

Maybe I’ve finally found my version of mediation?

With all that said, I wanted to share with you some ways to incorporate yarn into your home you know in case you were wondering how to use yarn to decorate your room.  By the way, I’m going to put a modern spin on this for you.  Why?  Bc crochet isn’t just for little ol’ grannies.  nope.

How To Use Yarn

1. Storage Baskets $34.99 for set of 3

Yeah you have your typical jute looking baskets, but these babies are made out of  (you guessed it) yarn.  They are soft to the touch and you can wash them when they get all yucky too.

2. Throw $69.99

Warm up to a book or vegg out in front of the TV with a warm and cozy in a throw.  They come in pretty colors too.

3. Floor Pouf $79.99

How pretty is this floor pouf?  I love the color and the pattern.  Super pretty and soft.  Use it as a coffee table, side table or seating.

4. Throw Pillow $16.99

Soften up your couch with this super soft pillow. The buttons are super cute too.

5. Chandelier

Add a wow factor to to your room with a colorful chandelier made out of yarn.  This is a super easy DIY project that seems to be popular on Pinterest.

So there you have my modern twist on how to use yarn to decorate your room.

Your turn!

Which piece are you going to use to add to your room or if you’re still feeling like you need help with putting together your room, then give me a holla here.

Live Happy!


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