Ikea 2017 Catalog Is Here: What I Liked and What Just Didn’t Cut It For Me

Ikea 2017 Catalog Is Here- What I Liked and What Just Didn't Cut It For Me (1)If you’re looking for durable and high quality furniture, then you shouldn’t bother checking out Ikea let alone the IKEA 2017 catalog.  Not trying to diss Ikea, just keeping it real.

It’s no secret that the furniture in IKEA is made out of compressed wood ( which means that it’s not real wood ) and IKEA doesn’t shy away from this, in fact, they take pride and are pretty vocal about using recycled materials.

Have you ever tried putting together their furniture and screwed in something way too tight? Well then you’ve experienced first hand how their “wood” cracks ( = not real ).  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no shame in having love for IKEA (I myself have a love-hate relationship with Ikea, well hate is a strong word, so let’s just say dislike) and maybe you do too.

I get it.

Sometimes it’s just what our budget allows for or it could just be a brand loyalty thing for you, but whatever the case, I’m not judging.

Since I for one, absolutely love their accessories, little things like a vase, mirror, picture frames or even small furniture pieces like a side table or even a bookcase, but their big ticket furniture pieces, not so much. I’d just rather save up my money for quality furniture that I know will stand the test of time and outlast the wear & tear that come along with my four very active kids.

All that said, this time of year is one of the few times that I actually get all excited and stalk the mail guy like crazy (except for when I order something exciting like my Passion Planner-more on that at a later time).  

For all of you tech savvy types out there, yeah, you can access the IKEA 2017 catalog on your phone through the apple or android app and need to see it now or you can wait until next week when the pdf version becomes available on their website, but I’m for sure a paper kind of girl (there’s just something about putting hand to paper that just doesn’t compare to swiping through my phone, at least that’s the case for me).  If you’re like me, you can always take a trip to the store for a paper copy or just hop on their list to get one in the mail.

I dove into the catalog to bond with some of my fave old items and of course to check out the new stuff.

Which leads me to my take on some of the new items they revealed in their IKEA 2017 catalog; Some of the stuff I was really feeling and others let’s, just didn’t do it for me.

Ikea 2017 Catalog: What I’m Passing On

Vallentuna Sleeper Sectional-3 Seater

As a three piece sectional, this sectional just doesn’t do it for me.

I just don’t get the point of the third section piece. It’s a different height, way taller than the other two pieces and just looks really out of place next to the other two pieces.

Now to Ikea’s defense, the pieces aren’t permanently attached to each other, meaning you can take them apart and use them separately or in other combo variations (you can also switch out the covers, which is cool especially when you have kids), so if this is your thing and your space allows for it, then go for it.

I really like the look of it with just two pieces or even one piece at that (in this set up, I’d move it to my list of liked pieces), especially for a small space since the pieces do contain space for storage and are armless, which are all pluses for maximizing a small living room, but the 3 piece combo look just doesn’t cut it for me.  Just keeping it real.

2017 ikea catalog Vallentuna sectional

via Ikea

Corner Chair With 18 Cushions

All I can think of when I see this is a hot mess.  18 cushions? Really?  In my house, with my kids, these cushions would end up all over the floor, but with all that said, this chair just doesn’t look comfortable at all.  Maybe you can see something that I don’t, but I just don’t get the point of it.

2017 ikea catalog - corner chair

via Ikea

Rocking Chair 

I think the idea is cute, but just not practical, at least not for me and my size.  I’m not a skinny chick, in fact, I’m a thick girl and this chair just looks too flimsy.  It just wouldn’t hold up in my crib and not to mention, it looks uncomfortable and hard as hell (pass the cushion please).  If I’m not able to use a piece in my room, then really what’s the point?

Now if you’re thinking of using this in a kids room, then I could see how it would work, besides that, I just don’t see it.

2017 ikea catalog gronadal-rocking-chair-beige

via Ikea

Ikea 2017 Catalog: What I Liked

I do love Ikea for the little things that they do great and by little things, I mean accessories.  If I’m not making sense to you, check out this Chalkboard Organizer.  It would be perfect for adding some structure to your day and it’s just adorable. Oh and so perfect for getting organized for back to school.

2017 ikea catalog malarna-chalkboard-organizer

via Ikea


If you know me at all, you know that I love me some baskets and this one just really caught my eye.  I love it’s shape and that it has handles to make it easy to pick up and move around.  Perfect to use for toys or as a hamper.

2017 ikea catalog-fladis-basket-black

via Ikea


What little girl doesn’t love a dollhouse?  Enough said (well almost enough – you can also mount it on the wall and use it as a shelf! – ok, now enough said).

2017 ikea catalog flisat-doll-house-wall-shelf

via Ikea


Storage Bench With Backrest

I love me anything that provides storage especially a bench and especially a bench with a backrest (triple score!)

Now this isn’t available until Spring 2017, so I couldn’t share a pic with you here, but if you get your hands on the IKEA 2017 catalog, just flip to page 166.

Storage Combo For Entryway

I really like this because unlike other coat racks that can tip over, this attaches to your ceiling and provides a spot for shoes too.  Now you have zero excuses for a cluttered entry way.

2017 ikea catalog Elvarli Storage Entryway

via Ikea

That’s all I have to say on the IKEA 2017 catalog (the good and the bad).

If you’re still stumped on decorating your place and need help, I’d be glad to give you a hand.  Just check me out here.

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