How Doing This One Thing Will Make You Love Your Room

How Doing This One Thing Will Make You Love Your RoomSometimes it’s easy to just start buying things off the internet to fill that void in your room.  That way you’ll be fooled into thinking that if you just get this one last thing that it will magically make you love your room.

But that nagging feeling is all too familiar and just won’t go away.

The void is still there.  Damn it!

You know?  The one that you can never really pin point, but what is certain for sure is that you feel like a stranger in your own room.

That’s probably because nothing in your room screams you and who you are.  Nothing.

It’s probably filled with hand me downs, used furniture or just things that you brought at the store because it’s what you see all over Pinterest, but there’s one problem.

None of these things reflect who you are.   

You’re a cool chick and your room should be your safe space, where you can feel at ease, you know like yourself and not like some stranger. Because who wants to feel like a stranger in their own place?  No one and that includes you.

Do this one thing and love your room

It’s so easy, but it gets overlooked like crazy and that’s because we get easily distracted by the things that don’t matter at all like getting all caught up in the latest decorating trend when what we should be taking into consideration is who we are.  Our style and personality.

It’s your room so why aren’t you letting your personality shine throughout your room?

Maybe you’re a happy go lucky type of chick, but your room reflects a chill low key vibe.

That’s not who you are, so go ahead and brighten things up!  Turn your place into a happy go lucky space that makes you smile and feels like you.

Maybe you’re a die hard runner(bless you because I can’t run for my life), then how about getting some art work that reminds you of where you go running.   Maybe you’re the soft and pink type.  What about getting a pink chair, pink rug or pink accessories for your room? Maybe you love lavender.  Then go and get yourself some lavender candles.

You get what I’m trying to say here right?

You’re the one who has to live in your room.  Not your momma, not your homegirl, and certainly not your neighbor.  You do.  So stop trying to turn your room into a place that’s not you.

Just stop it already and let’s get you focused.  The next time you’re buying something for your place, ask yourself, “does this reflect my personality?” and if the answser is hell yeah, then you better run to the checkout line, but if it’s an oh hell to the no screw face and all, then put that shit back and keep it moving onto the next.

Got it?  Good.

And while you’re at it, stop caring about other people’s opinion when it comes to your room.  Again this is your spot.  Your crib.  You pay the bills up in that joint.  Not anyone else.  You.  So take charge and tell those people to fuck off.  That’s right.  Fuck off.

If you haven’t noticed already, it really pisses me off when everyone and their mother has something to say about anything especially when no one’s asked for their opinion.

So how are going to start splashing your personality in your room?  Tell me all about it and if you’re still feeling cross eyed and confused as hell when it comes to this decorating “stuff”, then hit me up here and let’s chat.

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