Ready to start fresh with your room so that it can finally show off your fabulous personality & style?

You’ve known for awhile that a room makeover has been long overdue (that’s why you never bring over any of your friends-you’re embarrassed of what they’ll think about your room) but there’s a big problem… you just don’t have the confidence to decorate your room all by yourself.  You’re shit scared of screwing it up!

You love interior design, even drool over all of the rooms in the decor magazines, but you just don’t trust yourself with putting together all of the pieces to the decorating puzzle and so you’re stuck.


We'll Hop On a Call Together

This is how I’ll get all of the juicy 411 on your space and get to know you, your style, and personality so that I can come up with the perfect design for you.

You'll Take Pics of Your Room

And send them my way so that I can get a sense of your space and know what I’m working with

Measure & Draw Your Room

With the help of my easy to follow guides.  This is how I’ll be able to shop for items that’ll fit perfectly in your room 

Here’s What You Can Expect Once You Click The “Buy Now” Button:

Within 24 biz hours of placing your oder, you’ll receive an email from me which will include:

  • Link to schedule a 30 minute “let’s get to know one another” call
  • Easy instructions on how to measure & take pictures of your room
  • Link to upload your room photos and inspiration pics 

Once you return your items to me (inspiration photos, room pics and measurements) you can sit back, put your feet up, grab a glass of wine and get started on your Netflix binge.

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Now it’ll be my turn to get to work on creating your awesome room design plan. I’ll be gone for a bit, in my creative zone, you know listening to my jams; maybe some Nas, Pink, Romeo Santos or Katy Perry (whatever strikes my fancy basically), but you’ll hear back from me within 2 weeks of receiving all of your required info with an email including a link to your complete design plan.

You’ll finally be able to check off “room makeover” from your To Do List once and for all!  

This isn’t entirely your fault.  I know how HGTV can make this decorating stuff look so easy.  You thought that you could do this on your own, but reality quickly set in and you realized that you’d rather admire the pretty rooms on HGTV and leave the designing to the experts.

I get it.

Here are a few of the results that you can expect from the Room Makeover Bliss:

  • A sense of relief knowing that your room has finally met its match with furniture and accessories because all items that I select for you will fit perfectly in your room
  • A perfectly designed room that shows off your unique style & personality 
  • Feeling blissful in an organized and well put together room (everything is now in its place – no more anxiety trying to find things)
  • Confidence in knowing that your room has met it’s perfect match with paint color that is


how to decorate your room e-design


#1 Mood Board

showing off your new furniture, accessories & paint color.  Your board will be numbered and all for you so that you can match it up with the furniture space plan that I’ll create for you.   

#2 Furniture Space Plan 

#2 Furniture Space Plan 

with numbers to match the items on your mood board so you’re not left playing the guessing game of trying to figure out where to put all of your new furniture/accessories.

#3 Shopping List

including clickable links to the stores where you can buy the furniture/accessories that I picked out just for you.  Easy, peasy just point, click, and buy!

#4 & 5 Color Scheme

for your room including a pic of your room in the new paint color that I’ve selected just for you

#6 Room Prep Checklist

to help take the guessing game out of putting your room together.

Just because I’m cool like that, I’ve thrown in some juicy bonuses!

Bonus #1: 3D Renderings so you can get a realistic view of your newly designed room

Bonus #2: Styling tips for bookshelves, coffee tables, wall art placement guide, etc.

Bonus #3: 60 days of unlimited email support to help you with any questions you may have about your design

This IS for you if…

  • Your room is a hot mess and needs more than just a spruce up ( new accessories won’t do the trick here, you also need new furniture to completely makeover your room & make it totally you )
  • You’re tired of wasting time trying to figure this design crap out on your own like picking the wrong items for your room, when instead you could be spending your time doing things that you know you can’t mess up
  • You are cool with rolling up your sleeves and doing some of the work yourself, but still want some step by step guidance from me

This might NOT be for you if…

  • You’re not a DIYer  and rather pay a designer to come to your home and do everything for you – there’s nothing wrong with that, but this service wouldn’t be for you
  • You’re looking to do a total room renovation like knocking down walls or you need help with deciphering building codes, or any other “complicated design” stuff that I can’t help you with

Then your girl I am not.  Keep on googling. What I can do is decorate the shit out of a room. If that’s what you need, then holla at a girl! You know where to find me.

Have questions?  I’ve most likely already answered them.  Check out the FAQs here. 

Face it. You need help with how to decorate your room. Don’t you agree?

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