Ready to stop the bull shit and finally put yourself first so that you can create a space that brings you joy? 

You’ve been putting off decorating for some time now because you rather splurge on other things that make you feel joy for only a hot minute.  Like that vacation you splurged on last month, or the shoes you couldn’t live without, but when it comes to your home environment, it takes the back seat. 

You’ve realized the more you put it off, the more miserable your room makes you feel and honestly, who wants to come home to a space that makes them feel like shit?  No one.

You’re ready to make the investment in yourself and create a room that makes you smile because home decor is self care.

Pumped full of energy and determination, you binge watch HGTV all weekend, then hop on Pinterest for some decorating inspiration, but you quickly feel overwhelmed.  You realize that no matter how easy HGTV makes decorating seem, it just isn’t.

You’re stuck!  You’ve realized just how hard this decorating stuff really is. Face it. You need help. 

Do yourself a favor and put the remote down and leave HGTV alone and hear me out.  You know what you like, but you are clueless about how to put it all together on your own.

Introducing the Room Restyle Bliss (take your room from hot mess to blessed)

Here’s what’s included:

#1 Mood Board of 10 Items

that I select to work perfectly in your room and will show off your style/personality since your room should be a reflection of you!

#2 Clickable Shopping List

linking you straight to the 10 items that I picked out just for you – all within your budget. Just point, click, and buy!

#3 One After Pic of Your Room

No need to imagine since you’ll get a realistic view of what your newly designed room will look like. 

#4 Decor Tips & To Do List

I’ll tell you what you should add, replace, remove or even repurpose in your room to make your room match your style and personality.  Plus you’ll have a to list to guide you in putting your design plan together.

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How does it work?

You’ll get an email from me after placing your order to schedule your 45 minute skype consultation.

We’ll hop on Skype so I can take a look at your room and get to know you, your style, and personality to help me come up with the perfect design plan for you.

  • I’ll show you how to take measurements of your room (we’ll need them to make sure all of the pieces I select for your room will actually fit in your room).  Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through everything.
  • I’ll show you how to take pictures of your room.   (This helps with the design process).

What you can expect next:

  • You can then sit back, put your feet up and get started on your Netflix binge while I get to work on your design plan (no more HGTV okay?!)
  • I’ll be MIA for a bit (in my creative zone), working non stop on putting together your design 
  • You’ll hear back from me within 2 weeks of our home consultation with an email that will include a PDF of your complete design plan!
  • You can then get started right away on restyling your room or complete it at your own pace (the choice is yours)

Here are a few of the results that you can expect from the Room Restyle Bliss:

  • Finally enjoy spending time in your room now that it’s been upgraded to match your style & personality.
  • The pressure of you figuring out the right items for your room is gone because it’s been all done for you 
  • No more wasted hours stalking Google or YouTube trying to DIY this yourself! (finally get your weekends back)

This IS for you if…

  • You’re tired of wasting time pinning your life away on Pinterest trying to piece together the room of your dreams
  • You’re not looking for a full room makeover because you’re confident that all your room needs are a few pieces to take it to the next level and make it complete
  • You have at least $400 to spend on home decor items for your room
  • You are cool with rolling up your sleeves and doing some of the work yourself, but still want some step by step guidance to bring your room together

This might NOT be for you if…

  • You’d rather pay a designer to come over and do the work for you. DIYer? Nope, not you.
  • You’re looking for a complete room makeover that includes new furniture, accessories, paint color selection, floor plan, etc), then you should check out the Room Makeover Bliss service here.
  • You’re not open to decorating ideas and advice from an expert

Have questions?  Check out the FAQs here. 

Finally put yourself first and create a room that you love.

Payment Options Per Room