Unique Picture Frames…Perfect No Matter The Size

Ever buy frames that are way too big for your pics?

It happens to me all of the time; so much that I should have it together by now, but I don’t.  

I just can’t seem to think straight when I come across some bargain priced picture frames.  But I’ve now come up with a solution that results in unique picture frames.

Read on.

To give you some background, on my most recent trip to Ikea, I fell victim again to some clearance picture frames from their As Is section.

I don’t know why I always seem to find myself in the As Is section. It’s like a black hole, I swear.

I think that I just can’t resist a sale.  Anywhoo, the frames were 1/2 off-from $9.99 to $5 bucks.  I picked up 6! I must admit that I went a little overboard, but I just couldn’t pass up this bargain. My impulses took complete control over me or perhaps I simply fell deaf ear to that little voice telling me to put the frames back.

Let’s just say that when I got home with my purchase, I wish I would’ve listened to that little voice because while I was celebrating my bargain find, I failed to notice that my frames were for 5″ x 7″ pics. The problem is that I have stacks and stacks of pictures that I’ve been wanting to frame, but they are 4″ x 6″ pictures. (Damn Damn!)

After I was done, bleep bleeping, I came to my senses and put on my thinking cap and came to a solution.

Use Fabric!

So I dug through my fabric stash and came across something pretty that fit in with my decor.

Being the generous chick that I am, I decided put together a little tutorial for you.

pic frame revamp

Do you have pics lying around that you have no frames for?

So how about it?  Will you be giving this a try? Tell me in the comments section below.