Pink Home Decor Inspired By VDay

I couldn’t resist another Valentine’s Day inspired post.  I must be getting soft! 🙂

In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to give you some ideas for decorating your room with some pink items or better known as pink home decor items.

Now believe me when I say that adding some pink in a room isn’t just for little girls. Nope!  A grown woman can add some pink in her room and not lose her dignity.

Still feeling a bit skeptical?  Check out the pink home decor items that I picked out.

Pink Home Decor

1. Rug $500  //  2. Pillow $19.99  //  3. Print $5  //  4.  Ottoman $79.99  //  5. Chair $299.99  //  6. Notebook $11


Your turn!

Are you convinced?  Will you be adding some pink in your room?

Still don’t think that you can pull this off on your own and need some one-on-one decorating help?  Then hit me up!



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