Progress is Key

Just completed one out of the four exercises for Unit 2 of my Interior Design Course…all that i can say is finally!!!

The remaining exercises are to draft a floorplan of my living room and someone’s bedroom as well as take a quiz on Early American Farmhouse Furniture. I also have to read one more booklet and watch a DVD….Gosh I have so much to do, but it will all get done bit by bit.

Ordinarily I would be freaking out that this unit has taken me so long to complete, but life has been bumpy for me these past couple of months so with that said I refuse to be tough on myself this time around. Instead I will focus on the fact that through all of the recent madness, I did manage to complete three out of the four required booklets for this unit! Wooohooo for me! 🙂 It’s finally starting to sink in that all happens in its due time and by rushing the process, not only will I not fully absorb this great journey, but I won’t remember the material. So I will be patient this time around and live in the moment…no more living on auto pilot for me!! Finally!!

Boy is progress great, even if it is taking awhile, I know that the end will be so worth it…

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