Zero Screw Ups: 10 Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator

With the rise of Pinterest and all of these decorating TV shows, it’s so easy to think that decorating is a piece of cake.  Even Google and YouTube can give anyone enough confidence to take a crack out of decorating a room all on their own.  
They sure make it look super easy, but it’s not.  Not at all.  You see HGTV and Pinterest have this bad habit of focusing on the end result, but not so much on the journey of how to complete a project.  
So much goes into making a stunning room look just that, stunning.  All of the little details that need to happen.  Even the slightest fuck up and that’s what you’ll end up with… a big ol’ fuck up of a room.  Anything far from what you imagined.
Your room should be your sanctuary, not your little science project. It’s your sanctuary and just like you can ultimately figure out how to put together somewhat of a decent room, you should leave the decorating to the experts.
So I want you to consider 10 reasons to hire an interior decorator before you decide to bring your Pinterest board to life all on your own.

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #1 They Know Their Shit

Not only do Interior Decorators/Interior Designers live for all things decorating, they know their decorating shit and get all that needs to be considered when creating a dream room like function, mood, floor plans, balance and so much more with zero mistakes

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #2 Function

A room should always have a purpose and everything in that room should always serve that purpose.  An Interior Decorator gets that.  For instance, they wouldn’t purchase a glass coffee table with sharp corners for a space (even if it was super cheap or part of the next big trend) for a family with young kids.  It just wouldn’t work.
Reasons To Hire an Interior Decorator

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Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #3 Create a Layout That Works

Has your seating been arranged in the best way possible?  If you’re plan is to entertain in your room, can your guests converse without issues or will they have to yell from across the room because the furniture hasn’t been placed properly?  

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #4 Know When To Break The Rules 

A good Interior Decorator knows the rules, but also knows when they can be broken.  For instance, a golden decorating rule is that a small room should be painted a light color to make it look bigger, but that’s not always the case.  There are times when a small room has great lighting and many windows, which would allow for a dark paint color instead of a light one.

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #5 Bring It All Together 

It can be super obvious when a room looks “decorated” meaning that it was done by an amateur.  A professional understands how all of the pieces in a room must work together to make it work.  For example, a sofa must work with all of the pieces in the room like lighting, rug, artwork, curtains, other furniture and accessories.  If one thing is off, then the entire room looks off and that’s no good.

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #6 Make Your Space Unique

Interior Decorators will get to know you: your style and personality and take all of this information and use it to create the perfect room just for you.  They don’t give two shits about trends and care only about making your room, the room of YOUR dreams.  No cookie cutter rooms because that’s just plain boring and you are far from boring.

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #7 Size It Up Right

When getting pieces for your room, it’s super important to make sure that they are right for your room.  Is your coffee table too big or too small for your room?  How about the rug, lamps, artwork?  Do they fit with the size of your room?  Definitely something to think about.
Reasons To Hire an Interior Decorator


Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #8 Planning

An interior decorator understands that the most crucial part of decorating any room is to plan. By planning I mean, taking measurements, figuring out how the room will be used, finalizing a budget and sticking to it, creating a mood and so much more.  This is the step that most homeowners skip and it ends up being an expensive mistake.

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #9 Save Money

I absolutely HATE numbers and although I can find out how to get anything done by hitting up google, I just wouldn’t want to do my own taxes because I wouldn’t want to get stalked by Uncle Sam.  There’s no type of restraining order that can keep that man away and so, I leave my taxes to a professional, better known as an Accountant.   I say all of that to say that decorating should also be left to the professionals because it will be done the right way.  No need to spend money on correcting problems because it will be done right the first time.  Period.  

Reasons To Hire An Interior Decorator: #10 Save Time

Sure you can decorate your room with the help of YouTube, but there’s always a learning curve, which always takes time to grasp and let’s not forget the amount of times that you have to hit that rewind button.  Now I don’t know about you, but my time is way too precious to me and I just can’t afford to waste any of it on something that I’m just not good at.

There You Have It! 

So when it comes to something that you know you can’t do well, I’d say leave it to the experts. Sometimes it’s just best to let the experts handle what you can’t do best. 
Have zero regrets with your decorating project.  Let’s chat.


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