Learn How To Rock Your Small Space

Small Space Living Decorating Tips

Small spaces are a bitch! I know that feeling all too well. I was born and raised in NYC, so I feel your pain.

You try to squeeze every inch out of your room, but it just doesn’t feel any bigger.

It’s all about being savvy when it comes to working with the small space that you have. You’re stuck with it unless you go all out and start tearing down walls, but that’s a big ass headache and let’s not forget that you’re no contractor so let’s leave that to the professionals shall we? Okay.

Check out these small space living decorating tips to ease your headache…

6 Small Space Decorating Tips To Make Your Space Bigger

Let’s scratch that old and tired tip of painting your walls a light color. Yeah, it works, but you can do more and you should do more. Read here to find out other tricks.

3 Easy Small Bedroom Decorating Tricks

At the end of a hard day, you want feel relaxed, don’t you? But what you feel is trapped in a box. Learn my small bedroom tips here.

Clever Home Office Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Ever think you don’t have the space for a home office? Well, get that out of your head!  Check out my simple ideas for a small office here.

Get The Most Use Out of a Small Kitchen

Tired of feeling crammed in your small kitchen.  Get yourself some wine and take a read at these small kitchen tips.  You can thank me later.

Small Closet Organizing Tips

It’s overflowing and can’t hold another piece of clothing or so you think? Read here to get it all organized and pretty – no hardware required.

My 4 Go To Pieces for Small Space Living

Not sure where to invest your hard earned moolah for your small space?  Watch here for my go to pieces.

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