Smart Book Storage-Wall Mounted Bookshelves

I’ve been looking for a creative, space saving and affordable way to store my kids’ books for awhile now.  I finally came across a solution to my storage issue on one of my favorite blogs Living with Punks by Susan—–Wall Mounted Bookshelves.

                                                                    Linear Bookshelves 
                                                                                Smart book storage!
Although Susan was bold enough to make her own bookshelves, I opted to buy mine at one of my fav stores, Ikea for only $14.99 each!
Here’s the big reveal….
(Please try to overlook the overdue paint job, which is on my To Do List.  I’m thinking about mixing a bunch of left over paint that I have at home to come up with a cute wall paint color for the boys’ room).
I do plan on adding another two shelves to really take advantage of the wall space since I have more books to store.  I really need to stop purchasing so many books from Scholastic Inc’s book fairs! 🙂
Since Oct is soon approaching, I’ve started to plan some sewing projects for my baby girl.  On that To Do List is a boppy pillow, stroller foot muff and blanket.  I’ve already purchased my fabric for only $3 a yard at Walmart!


On another note, I put in my 2 weeks notice at work and though I feel a bit nervous, I am relieved and extremely excited because  I know that everything will be just fine!    I am so looking forward to what is to come especially being able to spend more time with my babies.

With this exciting news come many updates on the progress of my biz that I’m proud to share….so here goes!

-Teamed up with a Marketing Mentor who has been an immense help on my marketing materials and website (expensive, but worth every penny)
-Purchased an Interior Design Software (loved the student discount that I got :-))) …… awesome!
-Drafted FAQ for my website
-Drafted a questionnaire form for my clients so they can share their likes/dislikes and ideal functions for their space

-Finalize pricing of services
-Finalize a mission statement

-Working on a “warm letter” to distribute to prospects

Follow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!!