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You deserve to live in a space that makes you happy 

YOU are fabulous & fierce and should have a room that matches YOUR style/personality, but let me guess..

You’re hooked on every HGTV show that’s out there (well maybe you can do without another House Hunters episode or is that just me? lol), you know what you like, but when it comes to piecing together this decorating puzzle for your room, you just don’t have the slightest clue on where to start.  

You feel lost and so you do nothing with your room.  Instead, you hop on Pinterest and spend hours just pinning away, yet you’re no closer to creating a room that you love now are you?

Well let’s stop all that shit now and instead let’s design your room together so that you can finally create a room that makes you smile!

Hey, Welcome!

julie jamison interior decorator


It’s your girl Julie, Virtual Interior Decorator. Helping women turn their boring & bland room into a dope space that makes their heart smile.

Keeping it real with you all day every day so that insanity and bankruptcy don’t become part of your design plan. I’ll show you that you can afford to decorate your room – design is not just for the rich.  I’ll design from my laptop and you’ll DIY in the comfort of your home, with my easy to follow online design services.

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Get started on transforming your room with these decorating tips from the blog…

Work With Me

The Room Makeover Bliss

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Ready to stop stalking Pinterest and Instagram and finally create a room that you love?

The Room Restyle

Want to take your room from boring to dope by adding some new accessories to your room ?

The Design Session

Want some quick expert design advice for your space?  Pick my brain and get your design Qs answered.

Ready to stop having your room look like a hot mess?
Access the 7 tips to learn how to bring your room to life right now.