Helping women turn their boring & bland room into a dope space that makes their heart smile. 

Hey! It’s your girl Julie!  Virtual Interior Decorator.  Keeping it real with you all day every day so that insanity and bankruptcy don’t become part of your design plan. I’ll show you that you can afford to decorate your room – design is not just for the rich.  I’ll design from my laptop and you’ll DIY in the comfort of your home, with my easy to follow e-Designs.

A bit about me…

I am super passionate about Interior Decorating and breaking design down to the tiniest compound so that you get it and it’s no longer confusing.

When I’m not creating magic on my laptop designing rooms, you can probably find me… nope who the hell am I kidding? Correction; you will find me stuffing my face, or chasing after one of my four munchkins or chillaxin’ with the hubby.

Although I’m shit scared of heights, I will one day get over it by bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining (maybe all in one day!).  Call me crazy, but I’m a dare devil at heart.

So here I am ready to help you up your design confidence and finally create the room of your dreams.

julie jamison interior decoratorI know you’ve been harassing the shit out of google searching for ways to decorate your room and that can be exhausting! Give it a rest and go back to doing something that you are confident about not messing up, something that you enjoy and leave the decorating to me.

If you are feeling my vibe, then I can’t wait to work with you home girl. Take a look around here to hook up (not in that way! you’re so fresh!) lol 

Wondering how I became an Interior Decorator?

Click on over here to read my AHA moment or watch the video below.

My business journey…

Posted by Julie Rodriguez Jamison on Friday, January 6, 2017

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