Could you imagine how good it would feel to walk into your room and smile because you love it?

  • No more ugly mismatched furniture
  • No more boring beige walls
  • No more clutter (everything will have it’s own home)
  • No more weird furniture layouts (everything will be placed in a way that serves you best)

You missy, know your design stuff!  You can’t stop stalking, but when it comes to putting all of those decorating tips into action, you just feel stuck.

You’re just not sure if what you’re doing is right and so your design confidence, well let’s just say that it went out the window a loooonnngg time ago.

Introducing Online Interior Design Services

julie jamison interior decoratorHey I’m Julie! Virtual Interior Decorator!

I help DIYers just like you fall in love with their room using my easy to follow online interior design services. You’ll have your friends thinking that you hired a designer.  Let’s just say that I’ll be your little decorating secret.

I’ll design straight from my laptop and you’ll DIY by bringing my design to life in the comfort of your home.

When I’m not creating magic on my laptop designing rooms, you can probably find me… nope who the hell am I kidding? Correction; you will find me stuffing my face, or chasing after one of my four munchkins or chillaxin’ with the hubby.  Although I’m shit scared of heights, I will one day get over it by bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining (maybe all in one day!).  Call me crazy, but I’m a dare devil at heart.


Ready to stop dreaming and take the next step to creating a room that makes you smile?

The Room Makeover Bliss

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Ready to stop stalking Pinterest and Instagram and finally create a room that you love?

The Room Restyle

Want to take your room from boring to dope by adding some new accessories to your room?

The Design Session

Want some quick expert design advice for your space? Pick my brain and get your design Qs answered.

Ready to stop having your room look like a hot mess?
Access the 7 tips to learn how to bring your room to life right now.