hey! it’s your girl Julie!

When it comes to everything, I keep it real.  Especially when it comes to decorating because I don't want you to go crazy or broke trying to transform your space. I’ll show you that you can afford to decorate your room - design is not just for the rich.  I'll design from my laptop and you'll DIY in the comfort of your home, with my easy to follow design plans.

Now when I’m not creating magic on my laptop designing rooms, you can probably find me… hell no! Who am I kidding? You will find me stuffing my face, or chasing after one of my four kids (really the 3 little ones - my oldest, who's 23 isn't into playing with me anymore)or just chillin' with my husband.

Although I’m shit scared of heights, I love all thrill seeking things.  I hope to one day get over my fear by bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining (maybe all in one day!).  The closest I've gotten is that time I went cliff diving in DR.  I would've done it when I went to Jamaica, but I already changed out of my bathing suit, but I'm slowly getting there.

Call me crazy, but I’m a dare devil at heart.  I'm hoping to one day talk my husband into coming along with me, but he hates all things thrill seeking (to this day, he only rides the kiddy roller coaster rides with the youngest kids whenever we hit the amusement parks while me and the older kids look on from the side lines and dying of laughter! lol).

Anyway, I'm super passionate about Interior Decorating because I realized the hard way that our environment affects our well being aka mental health (more about that below).

Some things you may not know about me…

  • I’m the middle child (I grew up with two sisters, but between my dad and mom, I have 2 older sisters and 6 brothers).

  • I'm a cusp baby (born June 21). Some zodiac sites say I'm a Gemini and others say I'm a Cancer (who knows!)

  • I was 17 when I had my first child (while my friends were thinking about what they were going to do when they graduated HS, I was thinking about how I was going to raise my baby). I waited almost 10 years to have my second child because I understood early on that my little girl is watching my every move (plus our actions determine our fate and I wasn't about to become a statistic again).

  • I’m half Dominican and half Guatemalan. People don't believe me and I often get confused for Puerto Rican or Guyanese. My mom is Guatemalan and yes, she's tiny as hell oh and I grew up in Jamaica, Queens.

  • We moved around like crazy when I was younger because my mom was trying to keep a roof over our heads - she was a single mom (by crazy, I mean about 10 times. I swear, our friends thought we were running from the cops! lol)

  • Growing up, my bedroom was in our kitchen. We lived in a studio apartment and the biggest room was the kitchen so my mom divided the kitchen, put in a bunk bed and our bedroom was born (I shared it with my older sister). Embarrassing as hell, but it worked. (I get my resilience from my mother).

  • I met my husband online and it turns out that he already knew my father and half brothers since they were neighbors long before we met (crazy right?)

  • My favorite color is green and I'm really starting to feel purple lately. I really love black too, but I’m trying to add some color to my life.

  • I love, love, love, love food! Up until I hit my 30s, I was able to eat whatever the hell I pleased and not gain a pound, but things have changed and I'm still pissed at that. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop me from indulging in my fav dishes like jerk chicken, all Spanish food of course, Indian food, oh and let's not forget soul food (I remember when I was pregnant with my second, it was all I ate among other things) I just love food period especially spicy food! I'm greedy like that. Btw, I knew my now husband was the one when we were dating once I let him eat from my plate because everyone knows that I don't share my food unless you're one of my kids and even then, they get the side eye.

  • I'm an introvert. Big time. It takes me a minute to warm up to you if I don't know you or if someone in my circle doesn't know you, but once I feel comfortable with you, it's like we've know each other for years.

  • I'm an empath. I can feel bullshit from a mile away and 99.99% of the time, my gut feeling about someone always turns out to be right. It's a gift and a curse.

  • I live with depression and anxiety and what gets me through it is therapy, meditation, journaling, yoga and of course my love for Interior Decorating.

  • I'm a recovering type A personality, but after hitting rock bottom a few times (anxiety is a bitch), I've learned to release control and just go with the flow.

Wondering how I became an Interior Decorator?

Click on over here to read my AHA moment.

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