A Road Block On A Path To My Passion

I haven't written in a while, mainly because I wasn't feeling so well these past few months.
There's a big surprise that I would like to share, I'm expecting our 4th and LAST child in October of this year! It's been a complicated pregnancy, but I'm taking my doctor's advice and counting down to the date that I get to meet my 2nd baby girl! With all of the recent complications, I thought it was best to take some time off from updating my blog, working on my school projects and the set up of my business.  Due to the pregnancy, I stopped taking my medication, but I soon found that it wasn't the right choice for me and my baby and so now I'm back on my medication again and starting to feel some normalcy.  Boy is depression tough to manage especially for someone who is a control freak and so use to being on top of things! It really grips on tight, takes a hold of you like nothing else and turns you into someone unrecognizable.   It is a relief that I'm starting to feel as if things will be okay.  
Now onto the progress I've made on my TO DO list.  I'm proud to mention that throughout these past few months, I have been able to cross off 1 TO DO item off of my my list!  I took a great marketing class at FIT and so I've begun using what I learned on my biz.  Not bad for someone who's been feeling really out of it lately?!  (Things were pretty serious so much that I couldn't even get out of bed on most days, but I'm glad to report that those days are well past behind me)
-Marketing (I'm also thinking about registering for a marketing course at FIT...info session scheduled for 1/26/12  They'll help me with drafting a marketing plan, which is really time consuming.  So I've decided to reach out for some help.  Although it is a night course, it's worth the inconvenience.)
Now that I'm feeling better, I've been able to work on some projects around the house.  My latest accomplishment...lengthening our bedroom curtains to add drama and the illusion of a taller ceiling.  I must say that this project was a tough one being that math isn't my strong suit at all, but I stuck it out and my end result...6 fabulous bedroom curtains!   I love the contrast between the original satin curtains and the blue linen fabric (a sophisticated yet relaxed feel).  
End Result - Curtains (lifted curtain rod closer to ceiling adding drama and the illusion of a taller ceiling)
Before Transformation- Curtain on the left of pic (without blue fabric)

If you'd like to try this project at home, simply purchase some pretty fabric, attach to your existing curtains (don't forget to measure the height of your ceiling so you know how much fabric you'll need as well as allow for your seam allowances-about one inch all around will do) and you've got an updated look without busting out cash for brand new curtains!Items required for this project:-measuring tape-existing curtains-fabric-fabric measuring tape-cutting mat and cutting roller (fabric scissors will do just fine as well)-fabric pins (if you are a beginner at sewing like me, you'll want to watch out for those annoying pin pricks..ouch!)-fabric pencil-last, but not least, of course your sewing machine (iron on fabric tape will work as well)Follow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!!