Think You Can't Afford To Decorate Your Room? Well Think Again


I bet you stalk Pinterest checking out and pinning away all of the pretty rooms.I know, they make you feel envious, or even worse, make you believe that you can't afford to decorate your room without spending thousands of dollars.  That decorating is only for the rich, but I'll be the first to tell you that it ain't! 

THINK YOU can't afford to decorate your room? I'm going to show you some interior design tips that will prove you wrong. Click through to check out the home decor tips.

The truth is that people just like me and you can afford to decorate.  We really can.  You just have to stay within what you can afford and be savvy as hell with finding deals.In case you're thinking that I'm full of it, I'm going to hook you up with some ways to have you thinking that you CAN afford to decorate!Let's do this...

Give Away Your Email Address

Go on all of the home decor websites that you adore.Maybe it's West Elm, Ikea, Wayfair, Grand In Road, Apt2B, whatever your go to home decor site is, go on there and sign up for their newsletter.  That way you'll be the first to know of any future deals.  Plus they send you coupons straight to your inbox.  That's their way of hooking you up for taking the time to hop on their newsletter list.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get To Work

Instead of spending all your money on buying things for your home, try making some of the items yourself.  Maybe it doesn't have to be as drastic as building something from scratch.Maybe all that your room needs for a big change is a paint job, or switching out the knobs of your nightstand or dresser, or giving your furniture a facelift by painting it a new and refreshing color or perhaps it can be something as simple as changing up the furniture layout of your room to give your room a facelift.There are so many little DIY projects that you can do to really make your room feel refreshed without spending a lot of money, you just have to be able to get dirty and get to work.

Be Patient and Stash

If you're really stuck on items for your room that are out of the Ikea league, then just stash your money away.Give yourself a deadline and budget and start stashing away money everytime you get paid.  Take it up a notch and open up a savings account dedicated to just for your decorating project.  That way, your money will be kept away from your everyday spending money and it will actually grow.  Then once your money has grown, you can go crazy on buying the items that love for your room.

Get Help

Some of us need guidance.I know how hard it is to get all of those decorating ideas out of your head.  Not sure what color to paint your walls.  Not sure if you should hang shelves on your walls.  Don't know where to start to get rid of your clutter.  Can't figure out what rug to get or what size will look good.  The list of unknowns are endless, but I can help you sort all that out.  It's what I do.So if you rather have someone help you instead of you trying to google your way out of this, then hit me up here.You'll finally go from thinking that you can't afford to decorate your room to Yes I Can!