The No Fail Way To Select The Perfect Area Rug Size For Your Room


I'm going share with you an easy trick that I use when trying to find the perfect area rug size for a room or space.Drum roll please.....

Painter's Tape!

Let me first put it out there and say that I've had my share of painful trips to the store to return an area rug that didn't fit quite right in my space, not to mention the pain it is to try and stuff the damn thing back into my minivan without busting up a sweat or a few curse words.  Let's just say that I've spent better nights, but enough about that.Let's get back to my neat trick...painter's tape!It's perfect for mapping out a template of the area rug size for your room because it's not permanent and best of all, it's easy and you guys know how much I love easy.All that you need to do is to tape it on your floor and shift it around until you find the size that you are comfortable with (a great visual tool).painter tape arrow noOnce you've had your AHA moment, you whip out your measuring tape and jot down the measurements of your template for your new area rug.


Now, the fun part begins!  You get to go shopping the perfect area rug for your room!Do you have a neat trick for selecting the perfect area rug size that you would like to share?  Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!