Finding Inspiration For Home Decor In Fashion: Who Knew?



We are going on our first family vacation in about 5 years!  So you can only imagine how super excited I am, even if it's just to Florida (any place, but home will do for me and for that I scream yay!).

This vacation has really got me looking for some new summer pieces for my wardrobe.  This romper is something that I can't seem to take my eyes off of.  I've really been crushing on this piece.  

I figured since one of my go to tips on how to create a color scheme for your room is to use your closet for some color inspiration, I wanted to show you how I'd do it with this romper.  

Finding Inspiration For Home Decor In Fashion

Finding Inspiration for Home Decor In Fashion


What makes this tip so doable is that the colors in your closet are already colors that you like, so why not spill those colors over to your room?

Now what you're going to do is take a look inside your closet and grab an outfit that is your favorite.  Something that just makes you feel all nice inside.  Once you've picked out your outfit, take a look at the colors of the fabric and use those colors as inspiration to create a color scheme in your room.  

Bam! Now wasn't that easy?  

You can now use this outfit as your inspiration for decorating your room.  Don't worry about the colors being all matchy matchy with your outfit.  You're just using this as inspiration.  The idea is to have all of your pieces look well together.

Here are the store links in case you’re crushing on one of the items:  

Teal Chair  // Lanterns  // Jewelry Box // Rug  //  Headboard  //  Mirror

Now Over To You!

Now that you’ve boosted your decorating confidence, how will you be finding inspiration for home decor?  Will you try to look in your closet? I want to read all about it in the comments below.

Still feel like you need some hand holding with creating your dream room? Then hit me up so we can chat.