Master The Art Of How To Accessorize A Room With These 5 Tips


You’ve got furniture that you like, but your accessories are just blah aka b-o-r-i-n-g and we know that you are not boring.

You are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and it’s time to make your room reflect your amazing self.

It’s time for a change. You need to upgrade your room with some cool new accessories, but there’s a problemo.You are stuck and can’t decide on how to get started.  Master The Art of How To Accessorize A Room. You’ve got furniture that you like, but your accessories are just blah aka b-o-r-i-n-g and we know that you are not boring. You are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and it’s time to make your room reflect your amazing self. It's time for a change - a decorating change. Pin for later or click here for the interior design tips:You’re not sure which ones will go with your furniture and style and you are, let’s just say, overwhelmed as shit.Well you’re in luck because I’m here to save you (with my decorating cape and all) and in the process show you how to accessorize a room so that you can turn your boring room into the room of your dreams.To make this easy as pie for you (because I LOVE easy, oh and I LOVE apple pie), there are some key items that every room needs to make it complete and then of course there are your extras.....Let's start with the key pieces shall we?  Oh wait, but before we run down the list, I thought I’d put together a little something to help give you a visual (dummy project).I made pretend that the sofa and cabinet were pieces that were already in the "room" and just jazzed it up with some new accessories.Let's make pretend that this room is going to have a decorating style that's a mix of global and glam (global chic) so in other words, a room full of world pieces with a touch of sophistication.Check out the design that I dreamed up:how-to-accessorize-a-room-imageNow let's get back to the key pieces that should be in a living room:


You should have a minimum of three types of lighting in your room depending on your room’s size (general, task and accent lighting).  Still not sure how much lighting you need in your room?  Check the lighting tips here.


Depending on the mood you want to set in your room, you can go with sheer curtains for a bright airy mood, black out curtains for a cozy mood or a combination of both (my fave because I hate changing my curtains when the seasons change).  If you also have a small space like my friend Jess, try hanging your curtains about one inch from the ceiling to make your room seem bigger and taller.

Throw Pillows

Don’t get all matchy matchy now when selecting throw pillows for your living room.  Matchy matchy is boring and remember, we already said that you my friend are not boring.  So what you are going to do instead when selecting throw pillows for your room is mix it up; mix up different colors and textures for a dramatic look, but remember to stay within your color scheme.  Need help with that?  You know selecting a color scheme?  I got your back.  Check out my tips here.


You need to dress up those walls and you’ll need way more than curtains to do that.  To make that happen, we are going to get you some artwork.  Now you have some options; you can get one big piece or a few smaller pieces to create a wall gallery or even a wall decal or stencil.  Either one of these will add some spunk to your room.

Side table

You’ll need a spot to hold a table lamp, pictures or maybe a place to set your drink and a side table can step in and help with all of these.

Nick Nacks

You have to sprinkle your personality into your room and one of the best ways to do that is by picking nick nacks that reflect your personality.  This can be book ends, a vase, candles, paperweights.  You get the picture.Onto the extras:


Need extra seating?  Try an ottoman.  They are also great for doubling up as a side table or get two and create a coffee table.  They are very versatile pieces.

Area Rug

For most, an area rug is a requirement, but personally, I don’t use them because I have small kids and cleaning an area rug no matter how dirt resistant, is a pain in the ass.  Unless you get these neat floor tiles from FLOR. They are one of the items on my “things to get” list for sure.I love them because you can take the carpet tiles apart and spot clean them.  Perfect for families with kids or anyone needing a rug for high traffic areas!

Coffee Table

I don’t use coffee tables again because I have small kids and they love to run and jump around in our living room and I let them because they are kids.  Because of this, we don’t have a coffee table.  Plus, I really enjoy being home and not in the emergency room dealing with stitches because one of them hit their head on the corner of the table while acting a fool.Can I dream for a bit though?  Just a bit?Let’s pretend that my kids are grown, I would for sure have a coffee table and I would make sure that I had one with storage.  I fell in love with the one that I sourced for Jess.  Perfect for housing remotes, throws or even books.

Your turn!

I hope these tips on how to accessorize a room were helpful so that you can go out there and get your decorating on, but if for some reason, you’re still not feeling confident about going at it by yourself, hop on over here to chat..