How To Fake An Entryway: Even When You Don't Have The Space For One


Just because your space is small doesn't mean that you can't have some of the nice features that come with a big house like an entryway or foyer.  You just have to get creative and learn how to fake an entryway for your small room.Not many have lots of space, myself included.Just because your space is small doesn't mean that you can't have an entryway. Click through for the interior design tips to learn how to fake an entry way in your small spaceWe have a 3 bedroom home with 4 kids-you do the math. So when I say that I feel your pain, I'm not trying to play you, I know first hand that that the small space struggle is real (especially coming from someone who's bedroom was in the kitchen as a kid).You are probably in the same boat or close to it and know first hand what I'm talking about.So today, I'm going to hook you up with some tips for how to fake an entryway even when you don't have the space for one.  First off, you'll have to pick a wall closest to your door for these tips.Now that you've picked your wall, let's get to the tips...

How To Fake An Entryway:  Hooks Are Your Friend

Hooks are the bomb with helping to contain clutter and keep things off the floor.  Hang them high on the wall (where you can still reach them of course) and hang them low if you have little ones so they can hang their things too.  You can use them to hang your coats, purses and even the kids' bookbags.

How To Fake An Entryway:  Hang a Shelf

Since you're tight on space, you most likely don't have room for a narrow table or foyer table to throw your keys and mail on, so instead we'll create one by hanging a shelf on your wall.Just make sure the shelf is narrow enough to not get in the way (something about 3-4 inches deep will do especially if you're using the wall behind your front door since you'll need to need enough space open for when you open the door).

How To Fake An Entryway:  Toss The Umbrella Stand

Instead of buying an ugly umbrella stand, get yourself a pretty floor vase to keep your umbrellas close by.

How To Fake An Entryway:  Get a Bench

You're going to need a spot to sit and put on/take off your shoes and so you'll need a narrow bench or stool.  Now if you don't have the space for one, just get yourself a foldable chair instead.  Foldable is key so that it is out of the way and folded (up against the wall or in a nearby closet).

How To Fake An Entryway:  Store Your Shoes

Instead of just having your shoes all over the place, get a shoe rack.  Don't have the space for it, then try a tray instead.  You know, the kind that you would put on your coffee table, use it instead as a shoe rack.  They come in nice patterns nowadays that will fit in with all kinds of color schemes.

How To Fake An Entryway:  Style It Up

Now that you have the essentials of how to fake an entryway, you've got style it to make it look cute.  You can get all or a few of these to complete the look:

  • mirror
  • bowl for keys
  • tray for mail
  • vase or picture frame

That's All It Takes!

Take these tips and run with them to create an entryway in your small space.  Remember, just because you have limited space doesn't mean that you have to miss out on some of the features of a big home.If you’re still feeling stuck with decorating your space & need one on one help, then hit me up here girl.