What Everyone Should Know About How To Hang Curtains


How To Hang Curtains The Right Way + FREE step-by-step CheatsheetDon't you just hate how HGTV makes all of this decorating shit seem so easy?So deceiving I tell you.  It sucks, I know.I mean even the simplest of things like how to hang curtains can really make you want to throw your freaking screw driver across the room!No matter how simple they make it seem (and by they, I mean decorating TV shows and magazines), the truth of the matter is that it takes planning to get this decorating stuff right, especially on your first try.To get your windows looking like the ones in those pretty rooms, I'm going to reveal all of my home decor tips on how to hang curtains.Let's keep it moving shall we?Oh, but wait, before I get to the tips, I almost forgot to tell you about the free printable cheatsheet I created for you to use before you start your curtain hanging project. It'll help guide you step-by-step on how to hang curtains the right way (enter your 411 below to grab it now).[magicactionbox id="6733"] Now for real, for real, onto the tips...

How To Hang Curtains: Gather Your Tools

To make any decorating project go off like a breeze, you need tools and for this project, here are the ones you'll need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdriver, screws and wall anchors if your wall can't sustain anything being anchored to it (I like the metal ones, they're super sturdy and easier to use than the plastic ones, but they'll do the trick too-your choice)
  • Level
  • Ladder
  • Pencil (makes it easy to erase your markings)
  • Curtain Rod & Finials
  • Curtain Rings & Clips (optional or good to use if you need to add length to your curtains)
  • Paper or your smartphone (to make note of your measurements)
  • Tool belt or if you're like me one of those waitress mini aprons that come with the pockets that sit below the waist)
  • Curtains of course (two panels)

Everyone at home will thank you for not nagging them to help grab tools for you.  This way you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

How To Hang Curtains: Measure & Measure Some More

I know how super tedious measuring can be, but trust me when I tell you that preparation will save you from a migraine.  Just trust me on this okay?You'll need two sets of measurements:

1.  Ceiling height (to figure out the curtain length you'll need, in inches, for your window)

To get the right measurement of your room's height, you'll need to extend the measuring tape from floor to ceiling.  I always say grab a friend to help you hold the measuring tape or you can try to do this on your own and practice on your "f" bombs or coños if you're Latin like me.In the words of Black Sheep, the choice is yours.Now I like to have my curtains touch the floor for a sophisticated look.  This also makes your room seem taller than what it really is.  It's one of my go to small space decorating tricks.  [magicactionbox id="6733"] To pull this tip off for let's say for a room with a ceiling height of 8 feet, you'll need to buy curtains that are at least 96 inches long.  How do I know this?Just multiply your ceiling height by 12 inches and that's the length of curtain that you need to buy (nothing less). To break that down:  8 (#of feet of ceiling's height) x 12 (#of inches in a foot) = 96 inches or minimum curtain length needed for your room.  In case you're wondering why we need to convert numbers from feet into inches, it's because doing this will help you tons when you're out shopping for your curtains.  For some stupid ass reason, you'll notice that curtains lengths are always listed on the packaging as inches and not feet.  This is why we have to convert our numbers from feet to inches and it's best to do this now then when you're at the store browsing through a bunch of curtain panels.  You can just browse at the measurements that you need for your window and ignore everything else = time saved!

2.  Width of your window (to figure out how long of a curtain rod you'll need)

Using your measuring tape, measure your window.  Simple, I know, but to really dress up your window and add some drama, I like to add about 20 inches to that number.This makes your window seem wider than what it really is, which makes your room seem wider and bigger.  This trick also avoids your window from looking like a bottle neck, which is a big common decorating mistakeYou know that ugly window look?  Just right size curtain rod up on top, with zero wiggle room and curtains spread wide at the bottom of your window?  Yeah, not cute!Back to the adding extra inches to the measurement for the width of your window.  For example, let's say that the width of your window measures 35 inches, I would add 10 inches to the right side of the window and 10 inches to the left side of the window for a total of 55 inches, which means that I would be shopping for a curtain rod that's at least 55 inches long.

How To Hang Curtains: Mark Up All Of Your Measurements

Now that we have all of our measurements, we're going to use our pencil to mark up those measurements up on the wall (remember, there are two sets of measurements you'll need, plus one more, which will get into in a sec).I like to always hang my curtain rods close to the ceiling.  This always makes your room seem taller and look sophisticated.  So go ahead and make a mark of about 3 inches from under your ceiling or crown molding.  Why 3 inches?  This allows enough room for your hand to get in there and screw in the hardware for your curtain rod, finial, etc without hurting your hand.

2.So go ahead and mark off 3 inches from your ceiling/molding.

pic via HGTV

2. Mark up 10 inches from the right side of your window and 10 inches from the left side of your window for a total of 20 inches

Now from the 10 inch mark on the left side of your window, extend all the way up until you reach the 3 inch marking from under your ceiling.  Mark an X - this is where you'll be screwing in your hardware for your curtain rod.  Now repeat the same step for the right side of your window.Make sure your markings are leveled and not crooked because where both points meet is where you're going to hang the ends of your curtain rod.pic via HGTV

How To Hang Curtains: Get To Screwing or Drilling

With all of your markings noted, it's time to get to screwing in your hardware.You'll probably need wall anchors, so where the "x" is marked above is where you're going to screw these into, if you don't need anchors, then just go ahead and hang your hardware.[magicactionbox id="6733"]

How To Hang Curtains: Hang Away

Now that your hardware is up, it's time for the fun part.  Insert your curtain rod into your curtains and hang away!

How To Hang Curtains: Add The Finishing Touches

Before you step back and admire your perfectly dressed window, you've got to add something extra. That's where the finials come in.  You can go with something simple or get all fancy pants with an over the top finial.  It's up to you and your decorating style.You can also add the curtain clips or rings here.  This is totally optional and a matter or style and preference.  So this decision is totally up to you.

Now that you've mastered how to hang curtains, it's time to get to dressing up the rest of the windows in your room.
But before you do that, go ahead and crack open a bottle of wine and celebrate, I give you permission (it's what I do whenever I nail down a decorating project lol) because your are now one step closer to transforming your room! (you go girl!), but windows are just a tiny piece of the decorating puzzle.  
If you're feeling overwhelmed with piecing together your decorating project, then hit me up so we can chat.