I am finally on the road to explore my true passion of Interior Design!

I was pretty much body-slammed into it by that inner voice that I have learned to surrender to.  Now that I have, I feel happier than ever! 
It all came crashing down for me about a year ago, when life for me stopped.  My 1 1/2 year old son was severely burned and all because my soul was being absorbed by work...a job that I couldn't even stand...in reality I hated my profession, which by the way, I was an Human Resources Director at the time.  (A great industry, but just not for me) I was putting all of my attention on work and making sure that I was Superwoman, that I was subconsciously ignoring my family (I have a silly, but awesome hubby and three wonderful kids).  So on another crazy morning while getting the kids ready (trying to multitask) there I was ironing my clothes for another 12 hour day (if I was lucky) at a job that I HATED.  I then placed the hot iron in our linen closet (on the floor)...the next was all a blur as all I can remember is hearing my little baby screaming...his curious self went into the closet and grabbed the still hot iron and BLAB it fell on his teeny hand!  Long story short, he had a third degree burn and was admitted to the Burn Unit for surgery!!!
Boy did this event punch me dead in the face...I still haven't recovered from the blow, but it has taught me that if I'm going to give my attention to something else, while being a mom, that it must be something that soothes my soul, something that makes me smile.  And so here I am on a path to my passion of Interior Design.  I'm finally deciding to just take the risk and DO IT!  I must say that I was inspired by an Interior Designer, Ada Gonzalez, as I read her AHA Moment on her website. (thanks again Ada! :))

           My ultimate goal is to be my own boss, but that will have to wait since I can't entertain it until my UI benefits run out :)) (I just learned this yesterday while speaking to an UI Rep) So in the meantime, off I go in fueling my passion in other ways.  Heck so why not document it?!Happy Jumping