Ikea 2014 Catalog Is Here! Woohoo!


One of my fave times of the year has arrived! The Ikea 2014 Catalog is now here! Woohoo I'm so excited!!!! Can't you tell?It should be in my mailbox pretty soon, but because I'm so impatient and couldn't wait for it to arrive at my home, I decided to download it from their website to skim over. Call me crazy if you want, but didn't I mention that it's one of my fave times of the year? Anyway, back to the catalog. They have some new items that are pretty cool. I decided to gather some pics of the ones that caught my eye to share with you today. So, here they are!

Ikea 2014 Catalog(all pics courtesy of Ikea)

Let me know which is your favorite in the comment section below. Don't see the comment section...just click here and scroll down (all the way down) to see it! Can't wait to hear from you!Oh in case you were wondering which is my fave, I must say that if I had to choose one (I love them all), I would have to choose the rugs. They match the wall stencil in my bedroom.