Kid Friendly Closet Curtains

With having young kids (especially boys), comes a lot of boo boos.In my case, their fingers kept getting smashed in their closet door--it's where I keep their toy chest (in case you are wondering why this happens so often).  Well anyway, my solution to this problem was to remove the closet door and replace it with kid friendly closet curtains that I made myself!So here's the finished product....closet curtains for kids room

Here's a before pic for ya....

closet doorsYou can see it wasn't a kid friendly door at all!If you are interested in doing this yourself, it's really simple.  Here's what you'll need:-pretty fabric (I got mine from Ikea for $3 was on clearance!)  Sorry, but I just tried to search for  the fabric but learned it's been discontinued)-curtain wire with clips (from Ikea)$6.99-drill/screw driver and screws-tape measure (so you'll know how much fabric you will need to buy)  Remember to add 1" to your length and width measurements for your seam allowance-sewing machine or iron on hem tape (from Ikea) $1.99[highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]Total:  $16.00[/highlight]Instructions:

  1. Once you remove your door, measure the width and length of the space where your door once stood.
  2. Purchase the fabric of your choice.  Besides your local fabric store, some other great resources are and of course
  3. Hem your fabric 1" all around either using the iron on hem tape or a sewing machine (I also decided to cut my fabric in half vertically to allow for 2 curtain panels-this was easier for my boys to access their toys and clothes)  Feel free to make 1 or 2 panels for your project.
  4. Install the curtain wire
  5. Attach your fabric to the clips that come with your curtain wire
Drum roll please!!!!

You now have fabulous and affordable curtains, which add texture and visual interest to your space!Follow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!!