Mommy Badges of Honor Not Fuggly Legs


I recently celebrated my 36th bday on 6/21 and with another year I believe comes growth.

I must confess that in my younger years, I had some fabulous legs, but then I had my babies and lets just say that the veins on my legs became more and more visible with every new year (I guess that's what I get for not having any stretch marks). My solution at the time to my problem was to not show my legs, well at least not any parts above my knee or at least without getting a beach tan first.
This year, I've let that mentality go (perhaps it's bc with age comes wisdom and confidence?).  Who knows.  What I do know for sure is that I've been feeling some kind of awesomeness lately---so much that I've chopped my hair of annnddddd (sound the alarm) I've purchased and worn shorts!  This is big my friends!!  Some of you might be thinking,  'so what?", but you don't understand----I haven't  worn shorts in a little over 10 years!  Yup you heard right 10 years, not months, but years!  Stupid right?  I know! I guess I just needed time to grow.  My hubby even complimented me on the new addition to my summer wardrobe!
Julie Jamison - Affordable Interior Decorator
Julie Jamison - Affordable Interior Decorator
I must say that I've proudly given the middle finger to that nagging voice in my head that tells me that my veins are hideous and instead I've learned to wear them proudly as my mommy badges of honor!  So there take that, huh!!


Here are my munchkins....yep they are the ones that gave me my badges of honor. Oh how I love my babies!
Your turn!  How are you doing things differently in your life?  Tell me your story in the comment section below.