National Innergize Day: How To Create a Cozy Relaxation Corner In Your Home


To be honest, I just heard about National Innergize Day.  I'm trying to get better with keeping track of these national days, holidays or whatever they're called, but it's hard to do with every other thing that's on my plate, but once I googled it, I actually laughed.  I found out that Innergize Day is all about relaxation and enjoying some me time.  To be frank this is something that we should all be incorporating into our lives on the daily.

Yes, daily. 

Now if you think I'm crazy about the daily thing because you're wondering how in the hell you're supposed to squeeze relaxation into your day, I got you covered.  I'm going to teach you just how you can create a cozy relaxation corner in your home.  Yes, all it takes is a corner since not all of us have a 5 bedroom house and so a corner will have to do.For instance, my corner is a bookcase in the living room that houses my crystals, sage and candles.  I chose the living room because once the kids are sleeping, I get to have the living room to myself to just unwind and relax.  You pick your spot since you know your house and situation best.Okay, so let's get to creating this relaxation corner for you.

National Innergize Day: In case you're wondering how in the hell you're supposed to squeeze relaxation into your day, I got you covered. I'm going to teach you just how you can create a cozy relaxation corner in your home. Yes, all it takes is a corner since not all of us have a 5 bedroom house and so a corner will have to do. Click through for the interior design tips.

Now first things first you have to set a mood for your corner and this can be done by being selective of the items you choose for your space.  Since we're going for a feeling of relaxation here, let's stick with items that make you feel calm and relaxed.

You can focus on colors and textures aka materials and even scents when picking these items, yes I said scents.  Like a nice lavender candle or essential oil for some relaxation vibes.  In case you don't know lavender is great for taming anxiety.  The key here is to feel relaxed.

Now I love me some greens, not just collards, but the color itself, oranges and most recently, I'm really diggin' purple so I make sure that my space has one if not all of these colors incorporated into it.  Why? because these colors make me feel good and feeling good is the gateway to relaxation.

If you're not a color person, you can always concentrate on materials or texture like a velvet pillow or pouf to sit on while meditating.

Now that color is out of the way, some of the items you can use in your relaxation corner are a tray, bowl for any crystals or sage, scented candle, statue like a buddha and even a picture frame to display your favorite mantra.  It doesn't have to take much to create a relaxation corner in your home.  You don't need to dedicate an entire room to relax.  Like I said, it can just be a corner in your home.

I'm all about visuals, so I used items from one of my new fave home decor stores, Arhaus to create a cozy relaxation corner.  I just found out about this gem from a friend of a close friend on Instagram and so I checked them out and I fell in love instantly because we vibe on the same frequency.

I included one of their beautiful side tables with shelving.  I love this piece because it makes it easy to squeeze in more items like books without making your corner look cluttered.  Storage pieces are my go-tos when it comes to dealing with small spaces and when all you have is a corner to spare to create your relaxation corner, then you have to maximize the space you have and this does just that.  Now in the case floor poufs aren't your thing, I don't know why they wouldn't be, but in case, you can use a colorful pillow or even a faux fur rug instead.  I love faux fur because it's really soft and helps to make you feel calm when you rub it plus it's really pretty to look at too.

gold picture frame //  bowl //  vanilla scented candle  //  lotus tea light holder  //  wood tray  //  side table  //  buddha //  floor pouf

I use to be one of those people who would read all of the self help books and check off all of the the to do items on their get well lists, but it wasn't until I actually started to do the work, that I saw a shift in my own battles with mental health.  The change starts when you actually take intentional action, but I'm not going to lie, it does help to have a space in your home that truly relaxes you and helps you to connect with yourself.  Some of the practices that really help me are journaling, deep breathing exercises, yoga and/or meditation.  I've noticed that when I don't include some of these into my daily routine, my day is very chaotic and stressful so I've learned the hard way that me time is not an option, it's a necessity.

I'll leave you with this quick tip, if you ever feel like you're having a bad day at work, school or wherever, it always helps to close your eyes and think of your relaxation corner, but it works better when you have a visual.  So take a pic of it and admire it from afar whenever you need to.  You'll instantly feel relaxed, trust me.

So take advantage of National Innergize Day and take the time to create a cozy relaxation corner in your home because you deserve it!

The post is made in collaboration with Arhaus