Out Of The Box Valentine's Day Home Decor Ideas

It's almost Valentine's Day...yup, some of us like myself, may dread this holiday and other's have already bought their significant others a gift and heartfelt card.Good for them.I can't stand this holiday.  Something about making a big deal about how much you love your mate on this particular day, makes me roll my eyes.  Plus, everything is super crowded and a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolate costs an arm and a leg.I'll pass...Out Of The Box Valentine's Day Home Decor Ideas. Click through to see the home decor items that will make your valentine's day extra special.My husband and I always opt to stay home and have dinner to not have to deal with the crowds at restaurants and the overrated gifts.What I do love about this holiday is the many ways you can decorate your room.  Now if you're not into the oh so common heart garland DIY projects, you can still bring some of the valentine's day vibe into your room in other ways.  One of the ways that I like to do this is by simply incorporating the typical vday colors into a room: red, pink and white.It really doesn't have to be the all too obvious Valentine's day decorations all up in your room.  It really doesn't.  Plus it's just played out and so expected, in my opinion.Plus, I love how these valentine's day home decor ideas can stay in your room all year round-way past 2/14.Cool right?  I think so.

Here are some of my picks for valentine's day home decor ideas

 Out Of The Box Valentine's Day Home Decor Ideas

  1. Pillow // 2. Tea light Holder // 3. Ottoman // 4. Heart with Lights // 5. Love Knot Soap Stone // 6. Chair // 7. Frame

That's It!

By adding a few colorful pieces into your room, your room will be ready for Valentine's Day!Now if you’re still feeling stuck about piecing together your decorating puzzle,  I can help.   Just click here and hit me up.