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Home decor is self care and you deserve to live in a space that brings you joy

We all deal with so much on a day to day basis, from kids, to work, to running businesses, relationships and everything else under the moon, the last place that you should feel stressed is at home.  Your space should be your sanctuary and where you feel most at peace.  The place where you can let loose and just be yourself, but if your place is a hot mess, then how is that helping you and your sanity?

It isn't and you know this, but what has you stuck is that you don't know where to start on your decorating journey.

I blame HGTV for this because they make decorating seem soooo easy, when in fact, it isn't as easy as it seems.  I mean watching all the home decor shows really has people feeling all confident thinking they got this decorating thing down pact, but as soon as they try to get started, they and you get a wake up call real quick. 

This decorating stuff is hard and you really don't have the slightest clue on where to start or how to get your decorating vision off the ground.  

You feel lost and so you've done absolutely nothing with your room.  Ok, I take that back.  You haven't done nothing exactly.  Let's not forget the countless hours you've spent (cough, wasted, cough) on Pinterest just pinning your life away.  You've got the hundreds of Pinterest boards to show for it, but all those decorating ideas haven't gotten you any closer to transforming your room.

Did I say you are stuck?  Oh yeah, I covered that already.

Well let's stop all that indecisive shit right now and instead let's work together to design your room so that you can finally create a room that brings you peace and makes you feel at home!


it’s your girl julie!

Helping women get out of their head and get unstuck so that they finally create a space that brings them joy.

Believe it or not having a space that makes you smile and feel at peace is self care. Oftentimes, we connect self care to manis and pedis or retail therapy, but forget that our environment including how it makes us feel is also self care. How? Because it contributes to the state of our well being aka our mental health. Is home decor a cure for mental health? Absolutely not, but it does help to keep it in check, at least for me, along with other things like therapy, journaling, crystal healing, meditation, prayer, yoga and other things that help to keep me balanced.

The excuse that I hear the most when it comes to getting your home in check is, “I can’t afford it” and what I show you is that you can. We often times make miracles happen for that vacation that we want, that handbag or pair of shoes, but when it comes to our home, we put it off. Think about it. When you get home from splurging on things, you’re welcomed by a space that makes you feel like shit and so the cycle begins. I’ll show you that decorating can be affordable because when we work together, you’ll help to keep the costs down by contributing to getting the work done. I’ll come up with a design thats unique to your style and personality and you’ll implement it with my easy to follow design services.

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Ready to finally put yourself first and create a room that you never want to leave? Then let’s do this!

the blissful full room makeover

You’re tired of coming home to a space that doesn’t uplift you. Are you ready to finally do something about it?

the room restyle bliss

Ready to stop the bull shit and finally put yourself first so that you can create a space that brings you joy?




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