5 Simple Yet Pretty Office Supplies I've Been Crushing On



Although I have a "home office" at home (the corner of my dining room-hey don't judge it works for me!), my online biz is an on the go biz.  Meaning, I mainly work from my laptop from anyplace that has a WIFI connection.

I design rooms from my laptop and my clients roll up their sleeves to bring the design to life.

I have to say that my current supplies are on their last leg.

I've been using an old black backpack that I love because it is super roomy, but it's just not pretty at all.  So, I've been meaning to swap them out for some pretty office supplies.

In comes, Poppin, an office supply store that carries colorful and affordable items, which I likey much! I must say that I've been crushing on them for awhile.  So much that I included them in my list of essentials for staying organized.

Take a look at the finds that have caught my eye:

5 simple yet pretty office supplies for my on the go biz


1. Tote Bag $30

The perfect home for my laptop!  I'm loving this bag and the colors!  It also has an extra strap that allows you to use it as a messenger bag for a hands free experience.  I love that!  It would allow me to switch it up for days that I have my kids with me and need to attach my baby to my hip or push the stroller.

2. Envelope File Folder $14

Loving the touch of chicness that this file folder brings!  Who says you can't work in style when you are on the go?

3. Pouch $22

Perfect for containing all of my charger cables (how many am I up to now? hum, let's see--phone, laptop, tablet, camera and USB cords!)  Oh gosh!

4. Soft Cover Notebook $14

Techy tools are my thing, but there is something about writing things down that really gets my creative juices going.  This item is perfect and stylish for that!

5. Lunch Tote $20

For those that know me well, you know that I am a huge foodie!  Food is my weakness so this item would really come in handy for stashing my snacks while I'm on the go and it's also insulated.  Perfect for leftovers!  You can't beat a home cooked meal.

So there you have it! My round up of pretty office supplies I've been crushing on for my online biz.

Your turn!

What pretty office supplies add a bit of spunk or personality to your office?  Share by leaving a comment below.  I'd love to hear about them!