8 Items To Help You Get The Most Use Out of A Small Kitchen


 Small spaces are all too common problem nowadays.You can tackle this problem by tearing down walls or you can go the cheaper and less annoying route and get the right items to help you maximize your space.One small space that can be frustrating to use is a small kitchen, but if you organize it wisely, you can get the most use out of it.   So here are eight items to do just that.Check them out below:8 items to help you get the most use out of a small kitchen 1. Space Saving Pot Rack $39.99I absolutely love how this pot rack has a straight edge, which allows you to hang it on a wall instead of the ceiling.  Not only does it have a shelf, but check out the hooks on this baby.  They are adjustable! This allows you to rearrange your pots/pans in a way that works for you.  Not to mention, that bright red color is to die for!  It also comes in silver and black if you aren't feeling the bright red.2. Lazy Susan $6.99I have a few of these in my kitchen for all of my spices.  It sure comes in handy when you need to pull something quickly without having to knock over everything in the process.  What's great about this item is that it's universal.  Use it to house your cleaning bottles.  The possibilities are endless!3. Sliding Shelf Organizer $18.97Another item that I have in my own kitchen and boy this it save a ton of space, while making it easier to find things in your cabinet.  Store cleaning supplies, tools, bathroom items like soap or toilet paper.  Get creative while you get organized!4. 6 Piece Cabinet Storage System $20If you are starting out with organizing your small kitchen, this is a cool starter set.  You can use this system to store your dishes, aluminum foil, ziploc bags, cups, etc.  It has so many uses and you can't beat the price!5. Wine Rack $9.99When working with a small kitchen, a good way to make use of all of your space is to use up your wall space and this wine rack does just that.6. Folding Kitchen Island Cart $99.95Get some extra counter space with this jazzy item and when you are done, just simply fold it away!  How cool is that?! It also comes in various colors to match your kitchen decor.7. Under Cabinet Wine Storage $29.95Utilize every inch of your cabinets with this under cabinet storage system.  It holds up to 18 wine glasses.8. Grocery Bag Storage $14.99I've seen others on the market that hang on the wall, but I like this one because it keeps it out of sight, nicely tucked inside of your cabinet.

Your turn!

Which item can you use in your kitchen right now to help you get the most use out of it?  Share below.  I'd love to hear from you.