A Turning Point

My Unit 2 Interior Design Course completed and mailed in for review! Woohoo! Two units down and now four more to go...oh yeah! Can't wait to hear my instructor's feedback. It was a tough one that took much longer than I had planned, but I am proud that I finally finished it. I redid a few exercises (just wasn't happy with the outcome since I wasn't very focused given the recent events).Another big transition for me was starting on my antidepressant today. I am very nervous, but at the same time looking forward to some normalcy again. I met with a Psychiatrist yesterday who diagnosed me as severly depressed...(that was scary to hear, but at least I now know what I'm dealing with).Life in general has always been challenging, but this past year has been extremely hard. The most difficult part is knowing that something isnt right, but not being able to fix it or even control it. Feeling helpless is hard for me to deal with since I have always been a person who has had a strong control of things whether it has been at work or home, but things are no longer the same. It felt comforting to be reassured that everything will be fine and that most importantly, I will be fine.In the meantime I was told to take up a hobby, preferably something creative. That's great to hear, which means more practice on interior decorating for me!. Take a look at my most recent project below...a photo gallery of family pics that I added to my Living Room, which leads to the Foyer. I feel a sense of connection and warmth when i look at these pics...so it's great to have them in a space that i spend a lot of time in. Whenever I work on decorating projects, I feel very at peace and in the flow, which is why I know that I'm on the right path.