My Go To Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small Closet


I'm not going to get into how to organize a closet because that's another topic within itself (plus I already covered it over here in case you missed it or need a refresher), this post here is all about sharing my go to budget friendly pieces for organizing a small closet.My Go To Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small ClosetWhen you have a small budget and a small closet to deal with, it’s like double the pain because yes, there’s tons of things to help you organize a closet out there, but either they are expensive or don’t work for a small closet.  Like those affordable yet ugly big plastic storage bins that I know you are using to store your clothes.  Yeah, I said it.Just because something is big doesn't mean that it'll work for your closet.  Now don't get me wrong, it will do the job of storing your stuff, but they wake up way too much room.I use to be like you, but lucky for the both of us, I kicked my addiction to big plastic storage bins and I'll show you how to do the same.Plus, I know all too well the struggle of a small closet.  There are three closets in our bedroom (one for my husband, one for my 5 year old daughter and the other for me) so I had to get creative real quick and learn how to maximize the leftover closet that I got.   I'm going to share with you what worked for me and yes, most of the items are from Ikea because they have really great options, that are both pretty and affordable.I'm going to share something with you.Small closets are like any other small room.  The key is to use up as much vertical wall space as possible.  You have to maximize it to the fullest because you don't have much width space to work with, so work with the height instead, which is why a lot of my go to budget friendly pieces for organizing a small closet are pieces that maximize the height of your closet.Genius I know.  You're welcome.

Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small Closet: Vertical Hangers

People don't realize how much space they waste with regular hangers.  They don't work in a small closet instead try these.  They allow you to hang way more clothes than just your typical hangers.  Think about it, with one regular hanger, you may be able to hang one or two pants tops (okay 3 if you're the type that doesn't care - I was that girl so no judgement here), but with this hanger, you can hang anywhere from 5 - 10 pants!  That's with just one hanger!!

Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small Closet:  Vertical Storage

This is my go to piece to hold tops.  Each compartment can hold about 6 of them!  I have two in my closet and they save me tons of space.  Instead of having 10-15 hangers for my tops, I use this and store up to 30 tops between the two of them (more, if the tops are thin).

Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small Closet:  Storage Baskets

I use these to store my out of season clothes, which I haven't switched out yet.  I'm always late with the Spring cleaning thing.  This year, I'll blame the long Winter.  So currently, I have all of my Summer clothes stored here with some sweaters.  I put these up on the top shelf of my closet and right now I'm not that annoyed at having to reach high for my stuff - thank God I'm tall...), but once my patience runs thing, I'll switch things out.

Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small Closet:  Storage System on Wheels

I love this Algot storage system from Ikea.  I use it to store my underwear, bras, socks, belts, scarves and bathing suits - so I can easily find them once summer comes (my memory is bad if you don't know already).  I tend to hide things and then can never remember where I put them, which is how I end up with 2 or 3 of an item (the story of my life).I also love that it has wheels so that I can move it in and out of my closet to easily find what I'm looking for.  I also don't have the top shelf, well because I like to fill the top drawer to the very top (ok, it over flows just a bit) with my bras and panties.  You can also get draw dividers/bins to help sort each drawer so that things look a bit neater.

Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small Closet: Shoe Storage

If you're still using those plastic shoe storage systems that hang in back of the door - with like 20 small ass pockets - that always end up ripping, please stop reading this now and go empty it out and throw it away ( I hate those things ).Get you some of these instead.  They come in two sizes (24" and 31" wide). They're also stackable, which I love.  I've also seen people use them to organize their purses.  I have two of them in white for our small foyer closet and they really help to keep things organized because things were really getting out of control at the Jamison house.  I have to really put aside a day to put some shoes aside to donate (reminder- to go on my someday to do list - Jesus, it's never ending I tell you!)Budget Friendly Pieces for Organizing a Small Closet

That's it!

Those are my go to budget friendly pieces for organizing a small closet.  I'm hoping you'll try some of them so that you can finally get your small closet together!Now if you’re still feeling stuck with decorating your space & need one on one help taking it from boring into a place that you never want to leave, then hit me up here.