Create A Room You Love: Avoid Making These Common Decorating Mistakes

We've all committed at least one (myself included­ when I didn't know any better).You know one of the common decorating mistakes?I know that I'm not the only one that's gotten a fine from the home decor police, but the mistakes stop now!Common Decorating Mistakes: We've all committed at least one (myself included­ when I didn't know any better). You know one of the common decorating mistakes? I know that I'm not the that's gotten a fine from the home decor police, but the mistakes stop now! I'm here to help you get unstuck and fall in love with your room. Click through for the interior design tips.I know how much you love admiring the rooms in all of the design magazines. Everything looks put together so perfectly and looks a-­m-­a-­z-­i-­n-­g!Don't feel bad...the problem is that you get stuck on making decorating decisions...well because your design confidence isn't all up there. At least when it comes to piecing together the design puzzle aka decorating your room... you get stuck on stupid and that's okay.I'm here to help you get unstuck and break down the most common decorating mistakes.Did you read that?Common decorating mistakesSo you see, you're not alone ...Because I'm a cool chick, I'm also going to teach you how to avoid the 4 of the most common decorating mistakes.

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You're welcome.Get comfy, put up your feet, grab a glass of wine (or whatever gets you relaxed) and read on to get the 411 on decorating the right way.

Common Decorating Mistakes #1: Furniture

Maybe you see a piece of furniture or a lamp that catches your eye, at let's say Home Goods and you just have to have it, but there's one problem.It's not the right size for your room!It's either too big or too small, but either way you didn't think about how it would work with the rest of the stuff in your room or you just didn't know that it mattered. So now you've got a room that looks all out of proportion.So how to avoid making this decorating mistake?Measure, measure & measure again anything that you plan on putting in your room! That way, you'll be sure to know that it'll be the right size for your room.The lamps, nightstands and coffee table are way too big for this room.Common Decorating Mistakes

Measure your room's length, width, ceiling height and furniture. While you're at it also take pictures of your room so that you'll remember what's already in it.This will not only save you money, but precious time well spent elsewhere and not standing at the store on a long ass return line.

Common Decorating Mistakes #2: Rug

There are so many options to choose from when deciding on a rug that you might just get freaking dizzy. Now add worrying about picking the right size rug and well you might just end up going cray cray.I must say though when done right, a perfectly sized rug is like the perfect accessory to an outfit.It'll make your room shine bright like a diamond.So how do you avoid this common decorating mistake?Make sure the rug touches all of the furniture in your room, if it doesn't, then that means that it's too small for your room. & you need a bigger rug.[magicactionbox id="7126"] Tip: If you have a solid color rug, you can buy another of the same rug and put it together with your current one to make it seem like a bigger rug.Common Decorating Mistakes

Common Decorating Mistakes #3: Color

You want to try something bold and different, you really do, but you're scared shit of messing it up and so you keep those boring beige walls beige instead of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.How do you avoid this common decorating mistake?Take baby steps. Instead of painting your walls red, try adding a few colorful accessories like pillows, artwork or vases.Common Decorating Mistakes

Common Decorating Mistakes #4: Curtains

Using curtains that are too short for your room has to be the decorating mistake that really irritates the shit out of me and it's because most stores tend to sell curtains that are too short to use in most rooms!Messed up right? I know.Most standard curtains tend to measure 84 inches in length (the equivalent of 7 feet), but wait, listen to this....most rooms have 8 foot ceilings!So, if you're going to hang your curtains correctly, then 84 inches are just way too short for your room! Not sure how to hang curtains? Check out this post here where I break it all down for you.Remember hight water pants back in the day? Well, short curtains for your windows are like high water pants. Just plain fugly.[magicactionbox id="7126"] 
How do you avoid this common decorating mistake?If your room is like most rooms and has 8 foot ceilings then make sure that your curtains are at least 96 inches long so that they reach the floor.Already using curtains that are too short? Then take your buns down to the fabric store and pick up some inexpensive fabric (something pretty that matches the color scheme in your room) & grab some iron on fabric tape and make your too short curtains just the right size for your room.While you're at it, also make sure that you hang your curtain rod at least 2­3 inches from your ceiling.It'll make your room look taller. Much prettier that way.Common Decorating Mistakes

There You Have It!

Common decorating mistakes to avoid to create a room that you love.  Grab two extra tips by entering your name and email below (yes, it's free! lol)If you’re still feeling stuck with decorating your space & need one on one help,hit me up here.[magicactionbox id="7126"]