Dream On, Dream On

I want to be frank and say that I've been feeling some self-doubt lately.  Boy those inner thoughts can be so powerful if you let them take charge!  What am I talking about?, well this is what I mean:

  • What are you thinking?  An entrepreneur?  You must be joking!
  • How are you going to pull this off?
  • You don't have a clue about what you are doing?
  • You've never used an Interior Design/Decorating Software?  It looks so complex and you'll never get it!
  • What if you don't get clients?
  • But you suck at numbers, how will you be able to run a biz?
And the list goes on and on and on, but I'd rather not bore you with a long list!!!  Some days are better than others in the sense that I can usually silence the critic voice, but other days not so much.  The not so much days are when I turn to inspiration such as Oprah's Life Class show, which I watched yesterday,   How To Fulfill Your Dream.  So inspiring and motivating!!
And so now I'm back on track...
Some things that I've done to silence the critic voice:
  • Constantly review my goal/dream list (I carry it in hard copy and have it saved on my phone)
  • Read inspirational quotes/stories
  • Practice on a free sketch software (Google Sketch Up)  A bit intimidating, but I'm watching the video tutorials and will soon create a practice floor plan of my living room
  • Keep my eye on the competition-not to steal their ideas of course, but to rather use them as inspiration to perfect my own ideas (it's a good way to see what I don't like or do like)
  • Set up a meeting with an Accountant from SCORE for some free accounting advice for my soon to be biz----meeting on Wednesday evening
  • Sourced some DIY websites (that actually look professional) for website services
A huge step that will really help in overpowering that critic voice that can be such a pain in the boonkie is to finally register my biz name.....another drum roll please...."Julie's Home Designs"! This will be my first official dream to reality step for me...phewwww how scary, but nonetheless necessary.  So the number one thing to cross off my list after all of the bills are paid tomorrow is to register my biz name!!
I've noticed that when I begin to over think the process, I become paralyzed and intimidated and finally the self-doubt creeps in.  When this happens, I usually take a break from my researching and brainstorming just to regroup...then I come back stronger than before....
So my message with all of this is to keep going even when fear sets in, keep going and continue to diminish the critic voice so that it doesn't overpower your dreams!  In the words of Aerosmith...."Dream On, Dream On!" :-)

Follow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!!