Easy Focal Wall Ideas to Make Your Room Pop - Part 2


 Remember how last time we talked about how to make your room pop with Part 1 - Easy Focal Wall Ideas To Make Your Room Pop?In case you are having a brain fart and can't remember or maybe you're just plain busy as hell to remember what the heck you had for breakfast this morning, then mosey on over here to check out the easy focal wall ideas from part 1.All caught up?  Good.Now let's move on to the rest of the list shall we?

Wallpaper It Up

It’s always way cheaper to wallpaper one wall instead of your entire room.  Take the time to pick a design that will truly radiate your personality. It's the perfect time to let loose and have fun with the design process.focal-wall-ideas

Try a Wall Decal

Think of wall decals as big wall stickers.  They're removable and a great solution to the “no paint rule” that your pain in the ass landlord made you sign your life away to.Focal-wall-ideas

Highlight the 5th Wall

5th wall what?, you might be thinking.  I'm talking about your ceiling woman!  Most people forget that the ceiling needs some love  too.  Give yours some TLC by adding a beautiful chandelier or try dressing up your chandelier by adding a ceiling medallion to it.   Doesn't tickle your fancy?  Then how about a stencil, wallpaper, metallic tiles or just paint it a different color than the rest of your room?  This is the time to really think outside the box and raise the roof on this bitch, I mean your room!Focal-Wall-Ideas

Add Shelving

Show off your trinckets, books or picture frames?  Travel a lot or just have a small collection of items that you want to display?  Now is the time to dust off those babies and prop them up on some pretty shelves.focal-wall-ideas

Stencil It Up

Short on cash and can't swing wallpaper?  Have a whole bunch of patience and don’t mind getting a bit dirty with some paint?  Then a pretty stencil might be the way to go for you.  Stencils take much longer to put up than wallpaper, but it’s way cheaper alternative.focal-wall-ideasThere you have it my 10 focal wall ideas to make your room shine bright like a diamond.

Your turn!

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