Easy Focal Wall Ideas To Make Your Room Pop - Part 1


 Looking to make your room an attention grabber, but not sure how to make it happen?Kick it up a notch and create an interest area in your room aka a focal point or a focal wall.Now I’m not just talking about your usual trick of creating an accent wall by painting one wall a different color then the rest. Nope!It’s time to get a bit more creative and make your room shine bright like a diamond. Here are some ideas on how to create a wow statement in your room.Let’s get on with it…

Cozy It Up With a Fireplace

Dress it up to the nine with some pretty accessories, but don’t overdue it now. Less is always more. Don’t have a fireplace?  Then buy a fake one! You heard right. Check out this kickass fireplace.focal-wall-ideas

Dress Up Your Bookcase 

Transform your boring bookcase into a showstopper! With a bit of dolling up, it will make your books pop and become the conversation piece of your room.focal-wall-ideas

Create a Floor to Ceiling Photo Wall Gallery

Gather your favorite pics or create a theme from something that brings up a nice memory for you. Maybe it’s a recent vacation, wedding, birth of a child, etc?  Don’t keep those pics hidden in a photo album. Display them on your walls and surround yourself with wonderful memories.  Stumped on how to create this masterpiece?  Check out my tutorial here.focal-wall-ideas

Make it all about the artwork

Show off your favorite art piece by making it the center of attention. Want to make it really pop? Some picture lighting will do the trick.focal-wall-ideas

Use a Floor Mirror

Make your room seem larger by adding a large mirror to your wall.  It doesn’t have to hang, simply lean it up against the wall and you’ve got an instant focal point. (Now you’ll for sure want to secure that sucker down if you have pets or little ones)focal-wall-ideasStay tuned for next week's post, where I'll reveal Pt 2 of my focal wall ideas for your room.   

Your turn!

Which idea will you use in your room to make it pop?  Share below, I want to hear all about it! :-)If you need help with accessorizing your room, let's talk about it.Signature