How To Decorate with Patterns The Easy Way



Your room is lacking a bit in the decorating department.  It could really use something to give it an extra boost and make it oh so pretty.

You notice how much you drool over those rooms in the decorating magazines, but you don't have the slightest clue on how to make your room look like those.  All of the pretty patterns really made you stop flipping those pages, but where to start, you think to yourself, I don't have skills like those designers, I don't know how to decorate with patterns.  

Well lucky for you, I'm here to up your pattern picking game and turn you into a pattern picking DIVA. 

Now working with patterns is all about keeping the amount of bold patterns you use in your room to a minimum...three is a good number.

How To Decorate With Patterns: Start With One

Now if you're a beginner, I would say to use only one bold pattern in your room-at least until you feel comfortable enough to expand. I would then stick with solid colors or small non-competing patterns, for the rest of the room. Not sure what I mean?  Take a look here for a couple of examples of what I'm talking about:

Bold patterned area rug Photo courtesy of BHGBold wallpaper pattern Photo courtesy of BHG

How To Decorate With Patterns: Harmony

Another beginner tip is to make sure that your color scheme works together nicely.  In other words, do the colors harmonize well together?  Are they dancing to the same beat or stepping on each others toes? You want to avoid feeling dizzy when you walk into your room.

Make sure your patterns harmonize well. Pic courtesy of HGTV

Once you feel a bit comfortable working with patterns, feel free to start adding more in your room design, but don't you go crazy! Here a couple of tips to keep in mind while you get your pattern on:

How To Decorate With Patterns: Stay Within The Same Color Intensity

Work with different patterns with the same color intensity. In the pic below, you'll see, three different patterns used on the pillows as well as the quilt, but it all works nicely together because the same color intensity is being used throughout the design.

Stay within the same color intensity Photo courtesy of HGTV

How To Decorate With Patterns: Create Balance

Try to sprinkle your patterns throughout your room so that one side doesn't seem more "dressed" up than the other.  You want to avoid keeping only one side of the room interesting.

Use pattern to create balance in your room Pic courtesy of HGTV

There are so many ways that you can use patterns: area rugs, pillows, wallpaper, furniture, frames, the list can go on and on, but however you decide to use them, please don't go crazy.  Remember less is more!

Your turn!

How will you be using patterns in your room? Share by leaving a comment below. Still not feeling confident with putting your room together?  Head on over here for one-on-one help.