3 Kids, 1 Bedroom: Boy and Girl Shared Room Design



Nowadays it isn't uncommon to have siblings share a bedroom.  Who isn't struggling with living in a small space unless you are filthy rich?

What can be challenging though is decorating to reflect the style and personality of each child especially when you have kids of both genders sharing a room.

So you might be thinking: how do you come up with a boy and girl shared room design?

I'm in your shoes now.  I so get it!

Now that our baby girl is 1, it's time for her go to her brothers' room (ages 8 & 4).  With that said, I had to come up with a boy and girl shared room design to keep everyone happy and here it is:

boy and girl shared room design

Here are a few of tips to make the process easier for you:

Select Gender Neutral Colors

I simply asked my boys  to tell me their favorite colors (1yr old Leah is too little to chime in).

They chose purple and blue.

Now to avoid a girly feel, I made sure to stay away from any pastel shades so I went with an darker shade of purple (a plum like color) and added a lime green and blue color to the mix oh and a tiny, tiny bit of pink.

Round Up and Group Your Items Together In One Place For a Better Visual

A good resource to use is Olioboard (an online design board that allows you to add items from the internet so you can see how they all look together before you start pressing that buy now button).

If you are anything like me, visual, it will help to see all of your items together to make sure that they all work well together.

Trust me this helps since sometimes an item by itself can be the most fab thing ever, but pair it with something else and all of a sudden, not so cute anymore.

Stay Away From Kiddy Looking Furniture Pieces

You won't have to continuously swap items as your kids grow out of them if you invest in good quality and timeless pieces.  You'll save yourself a whole lot of dinero too!

A good idea is to limit your kiddy looking items to accessory and art pieces; they are inexpensive and easier to switch up as your kids grow.

Still feeling stumped?

We can work together to get your kids' room looking super cute!  Check out my easy e-design service for some one-on-one help.