Halloween Home Decor Items That Aren't So Halloweeny


I wanted to put a spin on the whole Halloween theme well because I don't like to roll with the crowd. That's not my stylo. I tend to flow on my own with things and Halloween is no exception.You might've seen a bunch of DIY Halloween craft projects all up on the internet especially Pinterest and because of that I've decided to give you some home decor inspiration for Halloween that's not so Halloweeny if you will. These picks have a bit of a dark vibe to them, which make them tie into Halloween, but what's super cool about them is that they can be used in your room all year long. No need to hijack Michael's to pull any of these off. So enough of the chit chat and onto the picks okay?

My Halloween Home Decor Picks That Aren't So Halloweeny

 halloween home decor findsThat skull canvas is fierce as hell and I love how it incorporates fashion into it-softens it up a bit.  What a way to dress up your candle sticks by using some tree branch inspired candle holders.  I love that they are covered in a sheen silver, which helps to glam them up and not seem so gothic.  That chandelier reminded me of a bird cage.  So fitting for Halloween don't you think?  Black scented candles in a pretty pattern takes an ordinary candle into something unique...love!  While we're on the candle theme and all.  Check out that chic skull candle holder...use it for crystals too.  Owls always seem a bit spooky to me, but not when they're covered in some shiny gold.  That's probably why this pillow made me take a second look.  Stunning period.  Lastly, black and white coasters.  Something about black and white anything just seem to remind me of Beetle Juice.  Can't get anymore Halloweeny than that.  Boom!

Now back to chatting!

How did you like the Halloween home decor pieces that I picked out for this spooky holiday? Can you picture any of these in your room or do you still need some help with making your room shine?Then hit me up for a 15 minute consultation here.  Pick my brain about your room and see how you can start transforming it now.