Decorating With Kids - Yup, It's Possible


You love decorating and dream about your dream room all of the time, but you've got kids and well kids and design don't mix.Or that's what you think.Decorating With Kids - Yup It's PossibleLook, just because you've got little ones doesn't mean that your space can't be the bomb. Pretty rooms aren't just meant for single women or bachelors or those without kids.  Nope. You too can have a space that makes you smile and your kids will love it too!Now don't think that I don't get pissed off when my kids make a mess or draw on the walls or jump on the couch or .... (you get my drift), but I also have to remind myself that they are kids.  I also don't want them growing up in a house where the living room is off limits or feeling like they have to walk on eggs shells so that nothing gets broken.  That's not what I want for them either.  I want them to also have happy childhood memories.So to make everyone happy, there are just some things that you have to take into consideration when you're decorating.  That's it.Here's what I mean...

Be Realistic

You have kids so make sure that you keep them in mind when decorating.  For instance instead of a square coffee table consider getting one without corners like a round coffee table. The last thing that you need is to spend the night at the ER because one of your kids used the coffee table as a landing spot while jumping off the sofa (don't ask how I know this-ok, if you really want to know, let's just say that the scar above my 20 yr old's eyebrow isn't a birthmark).  To be honest, I don't even have a coffee table for this reason.My kids are free spirited.  They are very active and are always jumping off of something and so I just don't even bother with a coffee table in our living room.  For our lifestyle, it just takes up space and wouldn't serve a purpose in the space.  Same is true for light fabric furniture. It's just not going to work even if you get it slip covered in white. 

Don't Shy Away From Using Things You Love

That's where my velcro tip comes in handy.  If you absolutely love your glass vase and don't want to get rid of it, then try using velcro to keep it from tipping over and cracking into a million pieces.  I use this around my house all of the time because of my little ones and big ones too I should say (I have a 20, 11, 6 and 3 year old, so with a house full of kids, mistakes are bound to happen) so be prepared for the worse.

Use Heavy Duty Fabrics

I like to use outdoor pillows or fabrics in my space because they can handle the wear and tear and come in handy when you have small kids.  Also, opt for pillow covers, which you can easily toss in the washing machine if they ever get dirty and trust me, they will.If you're into area rugs, make sure that you get one that's made for high traffic areas like a jute rug, but whatever you do, don't get a shag rug.  You'd be surprised at what can get stuck and hide in that thing.  It just doesn't mix with kids at all!

Don't Skimp On Quality Furniture

If you know me well, you know how much I love Ikea, but not for it's furniture.  It just doesn't stand the test of time and when you've got kids, you need something durable and long lasting.  this is the one place where I feel that it's okay to splurge.  You get what you pay for, that's unless you find a good deal on clearance :-)

Storage, Storage and You Guessed It More Storage

You know how kids love to take their toys all over the damn house?  I know that it's just not my kids.  It's like they play in every other room, but theirs, so to keep their toys from overflowing into your space, you're going to need storage.For instance, I keep a storage basket in our living room so that the toys are kept out of sight.  Nowadays you can find some pretty storage baskets just about anywhere.  They come in pretty colors, patterns and fabrics so I'm sure you'll be able to find something to fit with the style of your room.

Frame Their Artwork

Kids love to see their artwork displayed.  It makes them feel proud.  How about getting creative with how you display their masterpieces? I'm sure that the fridge can take a break from another art piece.  Instead frame it and hang it up on the wall. Better yet, create a gallery wall of your kids' artwork.  I'm sure it'll make them smile.So there you have it, my easy tips for decorating when you have little ones.  I hope that I've inspired you to create a room that you and your kids can love!  If you're still feeling stuck with decorating your space & need one on one help, hit me up here.