Give Your Back a Break: Learn How To Arrange A Room


Give Your Back a Break: Learn How To Arrange A RoomYou just can't seem to figure out the perfect spot for your sofa or bookcase or which wall to hang your flat screen TV from.Just the thought of learning how to arrange a room, any room, your room for that matter makes you want to pull your hair out.Relax girl.  You got this or you will soon because you have me in your corner.Arranging a room doesn't have to seem impossible.  All you have to do to simplify things is to identify some key areas of your room.  What I mean by key areas are those areas that you cannot change at all.Did I lose you?  Come back to me because I'm about to break things down and school you on how to arrange a room.Ready?  Let's get started.

How To Arrange a Room: Pathways

What are the hight traffic areas in your room?In other words, what are the areas in your room that people walk through most often?  Now simply make sure that you don't place any furniture including furniture that extends like a side table with a drawer/door or a recliner near any pathways.  People tend to forget about extendable pieces that is until, they try to actually recline their chair or open the drawer from the side table.You might also want to keep in mind of any other rooms that people might need to access by walking through this room since putting furniture in these areas will make it hard for people to move in and out of the room.

How To Arrange a Room: Point Out Vents & Outlets

The last thing you want is for your sofa to to get messed up because you pushed it up against your heating vent.  Make a note of your heating vents and make sure that you keep your furniture out of the way.The opposite goes for electrical outlets.  Make note of where these are located in your room so that you know of the obvious places that you can place your TV, lamps, stereos, pretty much anything that needs to be plugged into an outlet.You might be thinking that you can just add an extension cord to make it work, but I'm here to tell you that extension cords aren't cute and are not your friendSure you can knock out a wall or two and rearrange your electrical system, but that's not what we are going to do here now is it?You dropped by my site because you know that this is the place to be for easy decorating tips!  So that's what I'm going to give you.  Easy and knocking down walls and reconfiguring your electrical system is far from easy.Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to the stuff that might take a little more thought.

How To Arrange a Room: Decide On The Focus

What do you want to be the first thing that people see when they walk into your room?  This is going to be your attention grabbing spot.  Now will it be your fireplace, an accent wall, a styled bookcase, a photo gallery wall, etc.Think about it and decide.  Bedrooms are pretty easy since the focal point is usually the bed and for the dining room, it's the table, but the living rooms take more thought when it comes to focal points so think and make a decision.

How To Arrange a Room: Decide on Function

Have you thought about what you will be doing in this room?  How your time will be spent there?  In other words, what will be the room's function?Eating, Drinking, Sleeping , Reading, Entertaining, etc.The list can go on and on, but if you haven't thought about this yet, then you need to.For instance, let's say that you have a no drinks/food rule in your living room, then you know that you need to head on over to your computer and delete that page you've bookmarked.You know, the one that has that coffee table you've been eyeing for months?  Yeah, that one!  What's the point?Want to kick your feet up?  Then opt for a small ottoman instead.Now I just saved you from having your guests whispering behind your back about how stupid it is of you to have a coffee table in your living room, while insisting that everyone sip on their drinks in the kitchen.  Yes, go ahead, you can thank me now. :-)

How To Arrange a Room: Draw Up Your Room

It can be chicken scratch.  Don't worry.  No one is going to see this, but you.  This is just to give you an idea of how your room will look once all of the pieces have been put where you want them.   It works to see the room put together visually before you start pushing that heavy sofa to the other side of your room.Oh and don't forget to use a pencil.  You'll be doing lots of erasing.

There you have it!

Now you are on your way to arrange your room the right way.  No more guessing games.What are you gonna switch up in your room to make it flow better?  Not sure how to get this decorating stuff right?  Then hit me up here.