How to Decorate a Small Bedroom So That You Can Sleep In Peace


Decorating a small space can be a pain in the ass. There's never enough room to spread out and feel comfortable because you constantly feel like your room is closing in on you.I can totally relate! Me and my two sisters grew up in a studio apartment in Jamaica, Queens and it was so small that my mom had to divide the kitchen up just to create a bedroom for me and my older sister.So trust me when I tell you that I know the struggle!Now you've probably read my tips on small foyers, small kitchens, and small offices so I figured I might as well keep going and cover small bedrooms too since this is the room where you really want to let loose, stretch out and relax, even if it's small.You can find some small space decorating tips here, which you can use in most rooms, but if you want exclusive tips on how to decorate a small bedroom, then read on…

How To Decorate a Small Bedroom: Lighting

I'm sure you have some sort of lighting up on your ceiling, whether it's a chandelier or recessed lights, but let me tell you, you'll need more lighting than that.  Especially if you like to read in bed. Maybe you are thinking of the most common type of extra lighting like a table lamp or a floor lamp, but why not get creative and keep things off the limited floor space that you have left.  Instead try using up some of your wall space and hang some wall sconces.Don't get all nervous about having to hard wire them because you can now find plugable wall sconces, which are not only easy to install since all you have to do is plug them in, but they are way cheaper that regular wall sconces.  Plus you'll save money on not having to hire an electricians to hard wire it for you or better yet hit off your Super with a plate of food just to get it done for you! :-)how to decorate a small bedroom-image5

How To Decorate a Small Bedroom: Don't Make That Bed an Eye Sore

The bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom - what people see first when they walk into a bedroom since it's the biggest piece of furniture and since it's already big, you don't need to add anything more to attract more attention.Trust me.  Not all attention is good attention. What do I mean?Avoid huge beds like a four poster bed or a sleigh bed.  Your best bet for a small bedroom, would be to keep it simple and go with a nice headboard like these simple DIY headboard ideas that you can check out. Footboards don't help a small bedroom since they take up too much space so just stick to a headboard and you and your room will be good to to decorate a small bedroom-image6

How To Decorate a Small Bedroom: Nightstand or Maybe Not?

Nightstands are a must for keeping things close to your bed, but they don't always fit well in small bedrooms because they can take up a lot of space in a bedroom.How about using some shelving instead?  Not into shelving?  Then go with a couple of simple floating boxes and screw them on your wall.  Stools are another option.  They are perfect because they are narrow, giving you just enough room for the essentials without taking up some of that precious floor to decorate a small bedroom-image7I hope these simple tips on how to decorate a small bedroom can spark some inspiration for you to get started on transforming your small bedroom.

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